Identification Longshot and Talking Point 946

  Brumas 21:37 06 Sep 2013

Good Evening All

If the gremlins permit me....

Five bites of the cherry ;o}

click here

  john bunyan 21:43 06 Sep 2013

Pure Guess - North East?

  john bunyan 21:53 06 Sep 2013

There seems to be a small team here tonight. BTW Brumashave a good visit with your family next Friday. I am having another (6th in 18 months) CT scan on Thursday and am keeping fingers crossed.

  Brumas 21:58 06 Sep 2013

john bunyan thanks for that and fingers crossed for your impending scan.

  Woolwell 21:58 06 Sep 2013

What happened to 945? Not really able to join in tonight as main pc is down.

  Brumas 21:59 06 Sep 2013

A clue, it is not a million miles away from Hadrian's Wall.

  john bunyan 22:00 06 Sep 2013

Robin Hood Bay?

  Brumas 22:01 06 Sep 2013

Woolwell With all the usual hassle it has just thrown my numbering out. I shall use 945 for the last one, if I can post it of course! 22:02 06 Sep 2013

I haven't a clue where this is but I feel it would be easier if Brumas stopped erasing the bit after 'greetings from' on the postcard :-)

Just as a matter of interest, what happened to ILTP 945?

  john bunyan 22:12 06 Sep 2013

Not Whitley Bay either?

  asmara0208 22:16 06 Sep 2013

Well what about Maryport

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