Identification Longshot and Talking Point 716

  Brumas 20:59 24 Aug 2012

Good Evening All.

Because I do listen and take onboard words of wisdom from all those who cudgel the old grey cells on a Friday night I now think it is about time I revised the criteria needed to obtain a Well Done as I feel, in some instances, I have been awarding them too lightly.

As we all know the Well Done cannot be bought, inveigled or even replicated and is much sought after, more so than a Gold Medal in the 100 metres but I now feel it should only be awarded for a Complete Identification.

If I post a view of a particular building, street or view etc, identifying just the town will only merit a brand new and hitherto unknown Good Call. Only on naming the actual street, building or view etc will elicit the much prized, prestigious Well Done ;o}

Unless specifically requested, clues will not be given until just after 23:00hrs - that’s if I remember of course ;o}}

All this could change of course depending on what mood I am in, after all “I am just a fickle, stupid human being with a poor memory and a great gift for self deprecation” my apologies for plagierizing and rewriting a Suzanne Collins quote.

Feel free to offer your two penn’orth!

Bearing all that in mind I thought I would start off with an easy one ;o}

click here

  john bunyan 21:02 24 Aug 2012

The Phoenix United Mines Liskeard, North Cornwall?

  john bunyan 21:04 24 Aug 2012

Here Phoenix

  Macscouse 21:05 24 Aug 2012

it's de mill on de 'ill

  Brumas 21:06 24 Aug 2012

john bunyan, Well Done I was hoping this would run longer so more could read my pearls of wisdom,bearing that in mind I shall not green-tick it.

  john bunyan 21:07 24 Aug 2012

May be absent on the Fri after 18th Sep as a second, bigger, op looms. New rules fine!

  Nontek 21:08 24 Aug 2012

Tin mine Cornwall.

  sidecar sid 21:11 24 Aug 2012

The prince of Wales shaft no less!Well done

  Aitchbee 21:14 24 Aug 2012

Brumas, I hope you were sitting down when you made that speech.I had to go and put the kettle on...I thought it was an advert :o)

  Brumas 21:17 24 Aug 2012

john bunyan You'll be fine - it's my birthday :o}

  Brumas 21:18 24 Aug 2012

Aitchbee That made me chuckle ;o}

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