Identification longshot - number 3

  Brumas 20:54 03 Mar 2007

Especially for all you ex matelots.

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The front of the little Christmas card bearing the H.M.S. Egmont crest shows the white ensign for a Rear-Admiral and the interior shows a coastal scene which looks suspiciously like Malta from what I can recall from my days in the Merchant Navy.
Can anyone confirm that this is Malta and, if so what is the large fort flying the white ensign?

The postcard shows what appears to be an aircraft carrier in the same type of location.
However from what I can deduce HMS Egmont was built as 16 gun broadside battleship in 1863 as the “Achilles” and then went to Malta as a base ship, renamed HMS Hibernia in 1902, Egmont in 1904 then Egremont in 1918 and finally Pembroke in 1919 and sold for scrap in 1925!

Would it be logical to say that these are two different ships even though the large E G on the deck fools me into wanting it to be Egmont?

  Ho-Lin-Sok 21:19 03 Mar 2007

Would it be Fort St. Elmo

  Bingalau 21:26 03 Mar 2007

As an ex Bootneck I think I can safely say that the fort is St. Angelo, in Malta. The ship has me puzzled because the Bridge is not normally on the port side. All the carriers I served on had the bridge on the starboard side. No doubt some Matelot will put me right on that one. The ship also looks as if it has been converted from something else into an aircraft carrier.

  Bingalau 21:37 03 Mar 2007

Just copied this from "Wickpedia" .......With the coming of the British to Malta the fort retained its importance as a military installation, and the fort was listed as a ship, originally in 1912 as HMS Egremont, but in 1933 renamed as HMS St Angelo..... This explains why the White ensign was flying over the fort.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:46 03 Mar 2007

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Fort St. Angelo is the jewel in the crown of Malta's rich military heritage.
After 1912, the Fort served as a shore establishment of the Royal Navy and it was officially listed as a ship, first under the name of H.M.S. Egmont and, in 1933, it was renamed H.M.S. St Angelo.

I wonder what the name of the carrier is?

  Woolwell 21:53 03 Mar 2007

Bingalau - you are looking at the carrier from the stern. All cariers have the letters on the aft end of the flight deck.

I should be able to work out the carrier soon and if I cannot I know someone who can at the FAA Museum.

  Bingalau 22:04 03 Mar 2007

Fruit Bat. Is it HMS Egmont or HMS Egremont? Wickpedia says "Egremont". I am wondering if the Christmas card is carrying a misprint.... Woolwell I thought it was the bows of the ship because there is what looks like an anchor and a pointy end to me. But then I was never a proper sailor. Egremont is also, by the way the name of a district on the Wirral and also the name carried by one of the Mersey Ferry boats.

  Woolwell 22:10 03 Mar 2007

Fairly sure that it is the carrier HMS Eagle launched 1918 sunk 1942 entering Grand Harbour Malta. The Malta headquarters was HMS Egmont before it became HMS St Angelo. The destroyer is more difficult.

  Woolwell 22:20 03 Mar 2007

The name change apparently took place in 1933 from Egmont to St Angelo.

  Woolwell 22:37 03 Mar 2007

Must read earlier threads more closely - sorry.

  BRYNIT 22:46 03 Mar 2007

I may be wrong but this looks like the aircraft carrier in the picture or one similar.

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