User-994545 22:23 30 Jun 2009

i see the governments bottled out again on ID cards again.if there was a referendum what would the result be i wonder ?
or is that a bit to democratic

  OTT_Buzzard 23:14 30 Jun 2009

There is no place in democracy for terrorism. Or is that there is no place in terrorism for democracy?

Oh well.

Not really a u-turn in its fullest glorious sense, they seem to be speeding up the process elsewhere.

  laurie53 08:50 01 Jul 2009

".if there was a referendum what would the result be i wonder ?"

Are you really suggesting that if there were a referendum on whether we should all pay a one off payment/tax/charge of £60 or so (I can't remember the projected figure), no matter what it was for, the result would be in any doubt?

  Quickbeam 09:00 01 Jul 2009

We already have enough ways of proving our ID in daily life, this was superfluous on top of them.

  interzone55 09:06 01 Jul 2009

What would be the point of holding a referendum - the outcome would be whatever the tabloids tell us to do the morning of the referendum.

Also, holding the referendum would cost millions. The last figure I can find is that the 2001 general election cost £80m, that's just the ballot papers aspect, not the campaigning...

  jack 11:07 01 Jul 2009

valuable device to have - make your own.
I did and it has served me well in various parts of the globe -where I/D was required and passport not on person[retained by cruise ship or tour operator or secure in the accommodation..

  lofty29 11:34 01 Jul 2009

This project was always going to be a very expensive shambles, as are most government schemes of this type, it wold not produce the promised results, and would have cost umpteen times more than the original costings, mind you I think the real reason it has been abandoned is that the government is bankrupt or rather the country is.

  User-994545 17:25 01 Jul 2009

if identity cards are such a bad idea,how come in the the rest of the world you do need proof of identity to drive ,vote generally, to live.
in the uk ,drivers without licence,or insurance give someone else,s details.that they know are in the system.
as for the cost,it will cost as much as the government,says it will cost,take into account the savings ,and reduction in fraud,
what lofty29 says,is right.my real wish is a government with a moral strength to do such measures to protect the vulnerable.
how can we have a voteing system,where you just walk in ,give a name and vote.no card no nothing

  AL47 18:22 01 Jul 2009

i always loose stuff so i actually like having passport, driving licence etc

  wiz-king 18:25 01 Jul 2009

I don't loose stuff - just have a random access filing system.

  lofty29 19:19 01 Jul 2009

I have never been against the idea of ID card per se, it is just that whenever our government gets involved with such a system it makes such a total b**** up of it, and I certainly do not think much of the prospect of paying nearly £100 for one which is what the estimated charge per person would have been, do not forget that in addition one would have still had to fork out £70 for a passport if one was required as well.

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