ICSTIS acts on rogue diallers

  georgemac 13:06 20 Dec 2004

quote from article "Earlier this month, ICSTIS handed the maximum fine possible to two New York-based operators, B&B Services and BW Telecom, both of whom were running premium rate adult content at £1.50 per minute. BW Telecom was also fined £75,000 in February this year" click here for full article also confirmed by Sky News click here

a step in the right direction?

instead of the fines why were these operators not banned from accessing UK telephone networks? probably because the maximum penalty is the £100K fine?

  Forum Editor 18:59 20 Dec 2004

ICSTIS doesn't have the power to ban anyone from accessing the UK telephone network. The network is owned by BT, and that's a privately owned company, so if anyone is to do any banning it would be BT.

Think about how difficult it would be to operate such a ban - you ban 'Naughty dialers inc.' on Monday, and on Tuesday they pop up again as 'very naughty dialers inc. You would be banning companies so fast you wouldn't have time for anything else. The key to this is to arrive at a situation whereby BT doesn't pass funds to premium number holders quite so rapidly - allowing time for people to dispute their bill and het an investigation going. The problem is that BT is in business to sell Telecoms services, and holding onto customers' money for a couple of months isn't the best business-building strategy in the world.

  georgemac 07:36 21 Dec 2004

BT now withold the money for up to 45 days to allow disputes, and I think have improved the bill monitoring situation looking for sharp increases in peoples accounts.

I get monthly telephone bills and would urge all on dial up to make sure they are billed monthly - I am now on bb and have no dial up modems in our 2 pc's. I have seen some friends pc's so riddled with malware that if they were on dial up they definitely would have been caught by a dialler.

You are quite right, they would just set up a new company, and the £75,000 fine levied on BW telecom in February did not exactly deter the company?

I also read in one of the articles that ICSTIS may contact Ofcom to try and get the maximum fine increased.

  Noelg23 09:55 21 Dec 2004

ICSTIS are allowed to ban people who have not applied for a licence to have a premium rate number. they are a government run company (I think!) and its a good idea for them to get in contact with Ofcom to increase the fines. cos there are people out there who vulnerable to these attacks and have no idea what is going on...so two things either get a monthly bill from BT or check your account online...but most important of all...check your dial up account before you connect to the internet again...if there is a connection there that you have not seen before, delete it immediately...

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