ICE- In case of an emergancy

  jack 11:03 12 Jan 2009

This one keeps comimnbg around either because perhaps the ambulance service send our periodic reminders or folk keep it going.
Yesterday I had such a missive with its attendant pages of previous senders/recipients addresses.
Feed corn for address harvesters I guess

But what in intrigued me is this.
If an individual has no immediate family near by or easily accessible - who do they nominate to respond?
If you have ICE in your phone - Who is it that gets the bad news?

  pcmags 12:48 12 Jan 2009

This has been doing the rounds for years in cyber space.
But still worth a mention.

  BT 17:17 12 Jan 2009

Its only useful if you don't lock/Password your phone.

  jack 08:26 13 Jan 2009

For stating the obvious.
How about answering the original question?

  Quickbeam 08:35 13 Jan 2009

The ICE concept has never sold on me, so I suppose the paramedic would be ringing the 'home' number first.

  laurie53 09:30 13 Jan 2009

Since I already have the "emergency canister" in the 'fridge I also tried the ICE thing some time ago.

Although I'm fairly "digitally literate" I'm afraid the workings of a mobile phone, other than for making or receiving simple calls, are beyond me.

Anyone finding me "down" will need to use the old fashioned method of looking in my wallet.

  jack 10:09 13 Jan 2009

Laurie53 wrote
Since I already have the "emergency canister" in the 'fridge

The Lions in North Kent in conjunction with the Kent Police have been promoting this idea this year past.
How is it in the rest of the UK I wonder?

  Noels 12:34 13 Jan 2009

I live in Shropshire and the "Can in the Fridge" was promoted and supplied by The Lions, Meals on Wheels the local chemists and libraries. That was a few yrs ago it seems to have gone a bit quiet lately.
I also installed ICE on my phone. Of course it has to be switched on and not locked. My ICE numbers are for Home, Daughter and Son.

  BT 16:38 13 Jan 2009

"If an individual has no immediate family near by or easily accessible - who do they nominate to respond?"

The original idea was promoted by an Ambulance Paramedic here in East Anglia. What you are supposed to do is discuss it with who ever you wish to nominate in your I.C.E. before you do it, and there is no reason why it has to be a relative, and there is no reason why there shouldn't be more than one person as Noels has indicated.

laurie53 - I've not heard of the "Can in the Fridge", please explain?

  BT 16:51 13 Jan 2009

I've just Googled 'can in the fridge' and now I understand.
Both my wife and myself have SOS Talisman pendants which contain a folded strip of paper with details of all our names address and phone numbers along with medical detils and medications. The advantage of these is that they are always with you and Paramedics are trained to recognise them. They are not cheap but I think worth it.
click here

  namtas 16:52 13 Jan 2009


"Canister in the fridge" or Message in a Bottle to give it its proper title

Lions throughout UK and Ireland have handed out more than three million bottles of the free plastic bottles, we continue to get daily requests, I have just taken delivery of 18,000.

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