I/2 a police car

  hssutton 20:41 28 Oct 2010

A police car passed me today, well actually it was half a police car. The passenger side was painted in police colours + the Police logo, on the top was half of the flashing blue light (switched off).

The drivers side was painted in black.

Anyone any idea what it's all about, I guess it could be car sharing:)

  morddwyd 20:46 28 Oct 2010

Government documentary company saving money.

  Jameslayer 20:50 28 Oct 2010

Or the boring answear that it had a new door fitted and hadnt been resprayed yet.

  Uboat 20:52 28 Oct 2010

Goverment cutbacks! couldnt push for all the car to be painted in the same colour..lol

  wiz-king 21:37 28 Oct 2010

Saving money,dual purpoise car - 1/2 police marked vehicle, 1/2 Q car.

  wiz-king 21:41 28 Oct 2010

Found this click here
does this solve your query.

  hssutton 22:14 28 Oct 2010

Well it's identical to the one running around in the Louth (Lincolnshire) area. Today was the second sighting in a week and the driver was wearing an high visibility jacket

  spuds 22:29 28 Oct 2010

Perhaps its a 'covert' car, trying to fool the criminals and public ;o)

Or a low budget film being made in the area.

If you contact your local police HQ or newspaper, they might have the answer.

  lotvic 23:30 28 Oct 2010

maybe "a cut and shut" from 'Honest Johns/Freds/TomCobley/ Motors'

  wiz-king 05:44 29 Oct 2010

It's a left over from the work of that well known garage partnership - U. Bendum and W.E. Mendum.

  KremmenUK 06:40 29 Oct 2010

I thought that if a PC is not driving the car then the blue light had to be covered ?

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