I wouldn't have liked to have been in this plane

  Colin 19:50 02 Mar 2008

click here

I think the pilot earned his salary with this one!

  laurie53 19:59 02 Mar 2008

Neat bit of flying.

  DANZIG 20:09 02 Mar 2008

Saw this earlier. Bloody scary!

  Stuartli 20:19 02 Mar 2008

The skill of commercial airline pilots never ceases to amaze.

I was once in a small six-seater aircraft that the pilot landed in similar conditions at Newcastle airport.

He came in sideways virtually almost to the moment the wheels touched the ground, swinging the nose round at the very last second.

We all immediately applauded his skill in getting us down safely and the visit to the "tea bar" was achieved in double quick time...:-)

  ayrmail 20:54 02 Mar 2008

Voice recording in the cockpit would have been interesting.

  lofty29 21:00 02 Mar 2008

OUCH!!! Really nasty cross wind on that one

  MCE2K5 21:11 02 Mar 2008

Boy, That brought back memories, Similar type of landing at Orlando Sandford 2004 in a strong Cross wind (No go around though, He spotted it straight down the middle), No wonder everybody applauded the Captain & Crew.

  Woolwell 21:51 02 Mar 2008

I wonder if it was actually pilot error with an over correction which caused the tip to touch the ground. The air accident investigation should be interesting.

  Forum Editor 22:48 02 Mar 2008

I was once aboard an aircraft that almost did the same thing in heavy rain at Newcastle airport after a flight up from London.

The captain literally dumped the aircraft onto the runway at what seemed an impossible angle, and I heard a tyre go. My cab driver, who had watched from the taxi stand, said 'that was the closest thing I've ever seen here.'

I really looked forward to the flight back later that evening, still in heavy rain.

  Totally-braindead 23:52 02 Mar 2008

I did a similar thing today, smashed part of the wing and damaged the fuselage. As well as damaging the undercarriage.

Mind you it is a model not a real plane.

I wouldn't have liked to be on the plane either and the pilot did well to recover.

  Blackhat 00:22 03 Mar 2008

Reminds me of a scary day many years ago. Sitting around getting bored at the skydiving club, due to low cloud base, me and my girlfriend were invited to be ‘ballast’ while one of our pilots was doing his twin engine rating. The aircraft was an old dilapidated thing.

After climbing to a high level the pilot feathered the port engine, (most twin training is based around flying on one engine). After a few maneuvers we descended for a series of bump and go a rounds. Cross wind was very bad and had we not been experienced in disorientation we would have been very ill but scarier was the fact that the starboard rear window was getting covered in oil. We had been warned not to disturb the pilot so we said nothing. As soon as the exercise finished the plane went into the repair shed, the mechanic said that the starboard engine had about 5 minutes life left in it!

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