I wouldn't cross the road....

  Legolas 20:28 12 Jul 2007

Most of us have heard the saying "I wouldn't cross the road to meet so and so. So on that subject who would you cross the road to meet and why?

I must admit there are not many people who I would go out of my way to meet although one person for me stands out and that is Nelson Mandela.

What an amazing man he is and what an amazing story. Spends 27 years in prison for his stand against apartheid, most of it on Robben Island and much of that time in Solitary confinement.

When he is released and apartheid collapses he then becomes the first Black President of South Africa, you just couldn't make it up, if you seen a Hollywood movie with the same story you would be complaining it was too far fetched.

I have never heard the man complaining or blaming
or looking for revenge against a regime that kept him in prison for all these years, he in my opinion is a truly great human being and I would count it an honour to meet him.

  I am Spartacus 20:33 12 Jul 2007

I quite bring myself to meet a terrorist who sanctioned sabotage, murder, bombings etc. But hey, that's me, narrow minded.

  Jackcoms 20:38 12 Jul 2007

"who would you cross the road to meet"


  benjiboots 21:30 12 Jul 2007

I'd cross the road to meet the Forum Editor only I don't know what he looks like, but I find his comments interesting and sometimes questionable! Also Kate b, but equally couldn't identify her either, but find her posts quite intriguing. Mostly though I think I would cross the road to meet Kylie Minogue because she's right up my street (metaphorically speaking!!)

  madgamer234 21:33 12 Jul 2007

i smell a rat.

  Kate B 21:34 12 Jul 2007

I'm flattered ... thank you. But I think there are some rather more interesting and worthy people in the world I'd suggest meeting ahead of me ;-)

  benjiboots 21:45 12 Jul 2007

Everybody's interesting in their own way - we all have a story to tell. Who would you suggest that might be more interesting, not necessarily worthy - surely we should all be equal and therefore equally worthy?

And madgamer234 what do you mean, you smell a rat?

  madgamer234 21:51 12 Jul 2007

did you think that i was referring to a person?
what you?

  benjiboots 21:55 12 Jul 2007

I don't know, that's why I asked . . .

  [email protected] 22:01 12 Jul 2007

i would cross the road to..
there are so many..
i would start with jj burnel my fave bass guitarist and band member(hence my forum name),not good but at 14 yrs old he was a legend,then i would grow up and cross the road to

  Forum Editor 22:38 12 Jul 2007

Ignore madgamer 234 - he can't resist being silly and irritating.

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