I would just like it to be known.

  Sapins 17:33 06 Aug 2004

From now on I am not going to get uptight about mistakes in my posting's, I'm using ieSpell, which is a great help, but, I type some thing's now and again that I would like to change, but once you press post response it's there for all to see and peruse at their leisure, set in stone as it were and it is difficult to convey the meaning you want. I do promise to make it very clear if I am being sarcastic, obnoxious, or whinging, moaning etc: otherwise you can presume I am being my usual friendly, polite self!!!

Well, as from now I do not care, so there.

That's got that off my chest.



  Mango Grummit 17:56 06 Aug 2004

Thanks for that Sapins. I'll make a note.

  Curio 18:01 06 Aug 2004

As my dear old Mum said 'I don't care boys (and girls) come to a bad end'.
You don't mean it really!

  oresome 19:07 06 Aug 2004

Reading broadens the mind and also improves one's spelling and grammer.

I suggest you make a start by taking out a subscription to PCA magazine.

The internet's the equivalent of kids comics and will only get you into bad habits as my parents used to say.

  Sapins 08:22 07 Aug 2004

I read all your replies yesterday! and left the computer to do more interesting things, see*,which I considered warranted my attention more. Now that I have nothing better to do, you get the benefit of my undivided attention, well for a couple of minutes.

Mango Grummit, you're welcome.

Curio, I do mean it honestly;-)

oresome, now, now, leave it! and I like comics:-)

smokingbeagle, what a jolly jape, I always wanted to know what it would be like to format a drive and re-install XP*. That was, how shall I say this, a click here too far, on a par with oresome's last comment, an attempt out of pure jealousy to disrupt my new found calmness, a puerile infantile response to an adult? thread which you wish you had thought of first. If you can't do better than that you really should take your own advice.

Now, if you will all excuse me I will get back to my painting of walls and doors etc: does anyone buy paintings of walls and doors:-(


in sublime serenity,


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