I woudnt want to meet one of these

  jakimo 12:15 23 Jan 2011
  peter99co 12:25 23 Jan 2011

Do you think the car driver now regards every day from that time as a bonus?

I think a camera is a good idea as well. They are so cheap these days and only need a small SD card
This can be overwritten if you don't need the footage at journeys end.

  octal 14:10 23 Jan 2011

The car in front wasn't so lucky, it looks like a chunk of debris went though the windscreen.

  Chegs ®™ 14:48 23 Jan 2011

Scary,if the same ever happened to me I'd be thinking hard about continuing to drive at all.

  OTT_B 17:34 23 Jan 2011

It's becoming a legal requirement in the very near future in the US for commercial vehicles to have data recorders. Bring it on, I say.

  dagbladet 17:55 23 Jan 2011

"It's becoming a legal requirement in the very near future in the US for commercial vehicles to have data recorders. Bring it on, I say."

I don't follow.

  QuizMan 18:01 23 Jan 2011

Sounds like a good idea for the camera especially if we can use it to shop those idiots that use their mobile phone whilst driving. It will probably be banned over here for invasion of privacy.

  octal 21:33 23 Jan 2011

The other problem in the US on most Interstates the trucks generally can do the same speed as cars, 70MPH quite often and a lot of them go much faster than that, scary indeed.

  peter99co 21:44 23 Jan 2011

I think German Autobahns can put the wind up you.
I saw one of the longest, fastest lorry and trailer combo's in my life over there.It was lit up like Blackpool Tower on it's side.

We passed it on an incline but when it went over the top he seemed to just engage top gear and come back up the inside of us. We had to back off and drop behind again. It was raining at the time and our driver chickened out.

Is there a top speed for a lorry over there?

  Uboat 23:56 23 Jan 2011

In 1999 i was involved in a accident, i was stationary on my then GSXR750 when the lights changed to amber i put it in 1st then set off as green came on, i was in a cross roads going straight across the car to the right lane of me jumped the lights and i went over his car i woke up in hospital, i was lucky i got away with just temporary memory loss and a very broken bike!

He admitted fault and told the police he was rushing home to watch a programme on the tv...??

it is very worrying on the roads and seeing this accident brings back memories...

  interzone55 09:35 24 Jan 2011

I actually sell a nifty little camera for cars.

I'm not going to link to it as we don't sell to the public, but I'll describe it.

The device has two cameras, one for the view outside the window, and one for the view of the back seat (sold mainly for use in taxis). It also has built in GPS, so you can sync playback of the video with google maps to track the route - very neat and not massively expensive.

If you cant to look it up online it's a Pecan VewBox

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