I won the Quarter of a Mil on Deal or No Deal!

  lisa02 18:38 22 Feb 2008

Not the TV show unfortunately but PC game.
click here after playing quite a few games I finally did it.

Anyone else on here won in the game?

or for real on a TV show?

  mrwoowoo 18:45 22 Feb 2008

I won a million twice on who wants to be a millionaire on pc.
And no,i'm not saying how many attempts it took or how many answers i remembered from previous attempts.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:05 22 Feb 2008

I've won Millionaire, Weakest link, and Monopoly got bored with them very quickly, but it gives something to do on a slow night on the forum.

Hey its Friday, Brumas will have his little weekly teaser on later.


  lisa02 19:12 22 Feb 2008

I'm no good at them, I always look but can't contribute.

  lisa02 19:18 22 Feb 2008

Killer Balls are in ITV's "Golden Balls" not Deal or no Deal.

The killer ball reduces the prize fund to one tenth of the total.

  bluto1 19:23 22 Feb 2008

You won the big prize a while back with a new daughter, I think. How is she doing?

  Bingalau 19:28 22 Feb 2008

lisa02. Not a lot of difference betwixt you and I then with Brumas's postcard puzzles. I always look, always contribute exactly "nowt" of any use. I am also no good at them... But I do look forward to them and sometimes the banter is amusing.

Mind you I did get somewhere with his new future formula which he tried out last week. But he will be putting that away for a rainy day..

  laurie53 20:01 22 Feb 2008

"I'm no good at them, I always look but can't contribute."

Me too, but it rarely stops me posting. :-)

  lisa02 20:16 22 Feb 2008

bluto1 doing really well, she's eating solids at an alarming rate lol, rolling about and just about getting there with sitting up. Her new trick is waving bye bye.

click here for a picture of her, 6 1/2 months old now.

  lisa02 20:18 22 Feb 2008

Bingalau & laurie53

Cheers, I'll have another browse later when it appears.

  lisa02 20:54 22 Feb 2008

If he was hosting it would be called "Golden Locks".

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