i wish i was allowed to go on strike...

  AL47 23:00 12 Aug 2009

someone is coming upo to see me on friday via the trains, and yet again im going to be let down by the awful public transport in east anglia!

strikes set for thursday to friday, i cant believe it, over pay, they should think themselves lucky they have jobs, give them the sack i say and bring people in who want to work on them im a bit peeved to say the least,

i cant wait for her to be able to drive so we never have to use the trains again, i drive to hers if im going to see her, havent used a train in 3 years after being fed up with the abysmal service and terrible prices, chep trains? pfft, i think not, a car journey is cheaper! i sowre that last time to never se another UK train again, so far so good!

and the crazy ticket prices, her ticket options ranged from £80 to £200 for the same trip

i just dispair!

do they want people to use them or not?

  dagnammit 23:11 12 Aug 2009

Train fares in Northern Ireland are incredibly cheap. For £18.50 the whole family can travel anywhere and back on bus and rail.

  Quickbeam 00:19 13 Aug 2009

Where's anywhere...?

  dagnammit 00:20 13 Aug 2009

anywhere in the country.

  spuds 00:25 13 Aug 2009

In the old days, railways were run on a 7 day 24 hour procedure. Apparently nowadays, at least one of the 'franchise' companies run a 5 day a week service, with weekends on a voluntary work basis.So what do you expect!.

  crosstrainer 07:47 13 Aug 2009

To add even more misery, the postal workers are once again striking (Bristol area today)

Train travel is so far behind in this country, that I can't even contemplate using it for most places I go, despite being advised that It's better for my leg because I can get up and walk around every so often.

One classic example:

Cardiff to Harlech (Snowdonia)

Train trip time? A WOPPING 6.5 hours, with 2 changes, and miss your link and your stuck in Shrewsbury for the night.

In the car (out of holiday season) I can do this trip in about 2.5 hours without going fast...I have done it in under 2 before.

Until they re-open some of the branch lines that Dr Beeching closed, it's just not a viable or cheap way of travelling.

  walesrob 08:29 13 Aug 2009

"Until they re-open some of the branch lines that Dr Beeching closed, it's just not a viable or cheap way of travelling."

I can't see that ever happening, it would just cost too much money. I live in Ceredigion (where the said Mr Beechings axed the Aberystwyth-Carmarthen line in 1965) and I can't believe that in order to get to Cardiff by train, I have to go to Shrewsbury first then a train down to Cardiff - a 4 or 5 hour journey.

A lot of the old Carmarthen-Aberystwyth line has been built over, so it would be highly unlikely to see it open again.

There is some good news though, trains from Aberystwyth to Shrewsbury run every hour from later this year! Wow!

  crosstrainer 09:46 13 Aug 2009

In which case, it will never be a reliable way of travelling....You can fly to most destinations in the world in the time it takes some of these trains.

We never used the train when we lived in Harlech, although would happily have done so.

That line only runs until 10pm, and that's it. If we wanted to go out for an evening, and enjoy a bottle of wine with a meal, it was a taxi or nothing.

As for buses....What buses?

2 per day to Porthmadog. That's it.

What choice do we have?

  Bingalau 11:11 13 Aug 2009

I have the same problem in Liverpool, The trains stop running about 23.00 hrs. So to get to local places it costs an arm and a leg by taxi. I drive to the club I use in half an hour. But can actually get there by train in about an hour. However there is no way of getting home by train after 22.45 hrs. Far too early to leave the club as it is only just warming up. So I have to limit my drinking and drive both ways. If I go by train and get a taxi home after midnight the taxi costs about £25 It would be a Godsend if they ran a train once an hour to get all the people in town home after midnight. There would be problems with drunks I suppose but nothing that couldn't be cured. Taxi drivers would be upset of course but hey... We are fed up getting ripped off by them.

  dagnammit 11:15 13 Aug 2009

£25 for a half hour journey?

Can't believe you just admitted to drink driving too.

  Armchair 11:28 13 Aug 2009

Why shouldn't he? There isn't a zero alcohol driving law, just limits.

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