I wish I didn't like football.

  spikeychris 19:47 07 May 2009

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I don't care if the ref made a mistake a minute - screaming into camera just flags up a total lack of reality. The fans involved in the facebook nonsense are far worse so I've decided I'm going to start watching women’s netball...

  rawprawn 19:54 07 May 2009

Hi Chris,I have never liked football. Mainly because I went to school in Australia and football was definately not played.
Secondly the impression given by very many football fans, players, and managers does not endear me to the sport.

  AL47 20:13 07 May 2009

i dislike it for mny reasons,

fans killing each other [extreme i know but it happens] or the guy who hung himslef cause arsenal lost, players rolling around like babys, just not me really

  bluto1 22:25 07 May 2009

I like football particularly as Alex Ferguson is going to have to learn to speak in the same rythm as his jaw movements whilst chewing gum. I understand that there will soon be a huge shortage of the stuff.

  john bunyan 22:43 07 May 2009

Someone said "Soccer is a game for gentlemen played by thugs, Rugby is a game for thugs played by gentlemen" I am sure this does not apply to their respective spectators.I only occasionally watch either.

  rawprawn 07:54 08 May 2009

I love the definition of Football and Rugby, although I know there are many thugs in rugby I have seen very few gentlemen in football.
I think once any sport is played professionally it's very raison d'etre goes out of the window.

  Pine Man 09:39 08 May 2009

'I think once any sport is played professionally it's very raison d'etre goes out of the window.'

I had never thought of that and you are spot on. They aren't actually trying to win for winnings sake are they? It's everything else that goes with it.

  BT 16:57 08 May 2009

I live in Norwich and since the local team was relegated last week the papers and local TV have been awash with the fans blaming all and sundry for their demise. Lets face it a football team is only as good as how the players play on the day, and if the other team plays better they will win. No amount of blaming managers, directors etc. is going to make the slightest bit of difference to how the game is played. If the other team plays better and has a bit of luck in their favour they will win.

  Strawballs 00:03 09 May 2009

Since Sky got involved and the money went silly the players get so much money it is obscene even in the lower leagues that they have no loyaty to the club that they play for any more.

When Southampton won the FA cup in 76 the player that scored the winning goal lived in a council estate in Paulsgrove Portsmouth and they held a street party for him can you imagine that happening now.

  Stuartli 00:19 09 May 2009

Football is still the outstanding team sport, especially at the level most people play.

  Strawballs 23:00 09 May 2009

I don't know about THE outstanding team sport I'm sure that people that participate in other team sports might have something to say about that.

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