I will buy it!

  ulrich 20:39 29 Oct 2006

Even if Sir C Richards and Brian Mays record is not so good, I would prefer to see at No 1 at Christmas than the X Factor donation.

  lisa02 21:30 29 Oct 2006

X Factor is simply exploitation of hapless people at it's worst.

  Altruist 21:34 29 Oct 2006

Impossible I know but I would like to see 'Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas' - Judy Garland in the top spot. Or anything except the X Factor one.

  g0slp 21:34 29 Oct 2006

What's this X Factor?

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:51 29 Oct 2006

Bilge for idiots.

  lisa02 21:53 29 Oct 2006
  lisa02 21:54 29 Oct 2006

"A host of nasty diseases and disorders sit on the human X chromosome, including haemophilia, autism, muscular dystrophy and mental retardation."


  mammak 22:41 29 Oct 2006

They are trying to catch a dream make something of their selfs what is wrong with that? why do you lot have to rip everything up to nothing even the greats were nothing once before us lot bought their records and made them something get a grip and stop pulling everything apart without giving it a chance.

we all start somewhere and not all as fortunate to be top dogs like the posters so far in this thread.

  Kate B 23:04 29 Oct 2006

Have to say I rather agree with mammak. The X Factor might not be a route any of us would choose but it's good telly on its own terms and I don't think there's much to be gained from being snooty about it except possibly a momentary sense of superiority.

  lisa02 23:10 29 Oct 2006

It's not good telly.

  Kate B 23:25 29 Oct 2006

Yes it is. It gets huge audiences and it's very well-made with high production values. The fact that you don't enjoy it doesn't make it a good, professional product.

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