I like the way it looks

  acceptmyname 04:26 29 Dec 2007

I have oer the last few days had the most frustating experience in my life trying to get my brother in law to see sense.

He asked me before xmas to help him to choose a new laptop (he has never had a computer before) so i said ok little did i know how frustrating this would be, he told me he liked the look of a particular HP laptop which i said yes that is good do you want me to shop around for a better spec laptop or a better deal he said yes please, so i then spent the next few day looking on the net for better deals and spec which i found many of then to my horror while we are in pcworld looking at the said laptop and a packard bell laptop that is a better spec for the same price he tells me yeahbut i like the look of the HP i nearly choked not only would he not listen to me he would not listen to the sales advisor who was telling him the packard bell is better spec. has anybody else ever come across anything so ridiculos in there life he bought the lower spec laptop because it looked better.

thank you for reading i just had to get that of my chest.

  picklsey 06:30 29 Dec 2007

just been threw the exact same,a friend asked me just before christmas to look at different laptops,she was waiting till boxing day sales.now not only was the one i picked better spec. but cheaper she went ahead and bought the pretty one.it,s happened a few times over the years you would think i,d learn.

  laurie53 07:38 29 Dec 2007

Different people have different specs.

When my wife bought her last laptop the main criterion was whether she could open it with with one hand, as she's severely disabled.

However, I personally don't see much point in asking for informed advice if you're not going to take it.

  v1asco 08:23 29 Dec 2007

Not an expert myself,only bought 5 over the years, but as the machine will not be hidden away somewhere, I consider looks part of the parcel.

I like Sony products, I find them well designed, easy on the eye, great to type on and both my Vaios have never needed repairing.

When shopping with my son we shortlisted a few on the net then went to Town for the touchy feely experience, a vaio was top of the list, if a bit more expensive.I think touchy feely essential, especially as the keyboards varies from make to make. When he saw the vaio he took one look and said no. He settled on an HP from Staples and is happy. In his case a lower price for the same spec.

I use other laptops regularly and some I cannot wait to get off.

Obviously, I wouldn't spend hundreds for the looks, and we all know we pay a premium for the brand name on some products, such as clothes.

At the end of the day its his money and his choice.

  wee eddie 09:04 29 Dec 2007

No of course you don't.

You check the Spec ~ then take a look at it, chose the colour you want, and then sit in the driving seat and see what it feels like. Then you decide.

Why deride those that do the same when choosing a Laptop!

  Taff™ 09:45 29 Dec 2007

I have to say that specification isn`t everything and I like the analogy of buying a car. I`ve seen some really poorly built laptops with wonderful specs but cheap plastic trims, lousy keyboards and truly awful tinny speakers.

Take a mate of mine who wants a new laptop to run his business from. His kids commandeer his desktop and have gradually filled it with games and spyware. He only uses a spreadsheet for his accounts, Word for his invoices and e-mail with obviously internet access to sort his Google adwords. His entire business documents fit onto a 128 Mb USB flash drive. As far as he`s concerned, and I have to agree with him, The cheapest laptop from PC World will suffice for his needs -aesthetics are a bonus and any current specification will do what he needs.

People often ask me to supply them with a bag or a wireless mouse with a laptop and more often than not I suggest they go and choose one from PC World or Staples. Why? Because if they don`t look right or feel good in use they`ll be disappointed with my choice. I couldn`t imagine buying a laptop bag for a lady. Us men have probably one wallet whereas the fairer sex have several to match their fashion accessories.

I`m afraid most people see PC World advertise £299 laptops and think that is the norm as far as price goes. In the above instance it will do the job for my mate however an additional £50 - £100 gets so much more in terms of processor, HDD size RAM and Operating System. Usually when I explain to them how much more value they get they make a more informed choice but that`s what it is - their choice!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:00 29 Dec 2007

Thank God that there are still people that appreciate style rather than souless, unimaginative, grey, bland offerings for souless, unimaginative, grey people. click here and click here shows that there is more to life than white, cheap plastic electric kettles from Tescos that look awful in any kitchen. People need to brighten up their lives somewhat.


  Forum Editor 13:49 29 Dec 2007

People (all people) buy with their eyes to certain extent, some just do it more than others. There's nothing wrong in buying something just because you like the way it looks, and if nobody did it the world would be a monochromatic, practical and boring greyness - I can think of nothing worse.

If we all chose things only on the basis of specifications lots of good-looking cars would have no owners, and lots of good-looking people would have no partners. I'm all in favour of a triumph of style over substance occasionally, and judging by the nuber of people who have bough iPhones I'm not alone.

  Totally-braindead 14:04 29 Dec 2007

I'm in the middle here - sort of.

I wouldn't buy the highest spec PC if I hated the look of it but then neither would I buy the lowest spec one because I liked the look of it. For me it has to be a mix of the two.

Yes I want a higher spec PC but I want it to look and feel good so I am happy using it.

Your brother in law has wasted your time to a certain degree but at the end of the day if he is happy with his purchase that is the most important thing, after all he was paying for it and its for him to use. If he has bought something thats really below par then he will regret it and if he comes to you you can honestly say to him that you tried to tell him at the time and that laptops can't be upgraded and what he has is what he is stuck with. (Sounds a lot like I told you so doesn't it? Sorry but its true I've been in the same situation myself but not with a laptop).

  Earthsea 14:40 29 Dec 2007

Buy whatever you want, for whatever reason - it's your money. I have a Vaio laptop because I wanted a quality machine.

On the other hand, I have a cheap mobile phone and plastic electric kettle from Tesco...

  CatTrading 15:11 29 Dec 2007

A lot of people buy things because they like the look of something.
You offered advice & it was not taken, Why worry about it?

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