I was driving to work the other morning

  Forum Editor 14:46 12 Jul 2008

when I saw a black car turn into our lane - it had a roof rack with a column and a seriously large camera on top, and at the time I thought it was a TV detector vehicle, although it wasn't marked in any way.

I now realise that it was a Google street car, photographing my house, and all the others in my street in readiness for the launch of of the Google street site in the UK - a facility which will enable anyone to type in an address and instantly see a virtual reality image of the house in question.

The Daily Mail (amongst others) is making a big fuss about this, citing it as a gross invasion of our privacy, particularly as street scenes may show people visiting hospitals, solicitors, sex shops, etc., although faces will be blurred to prevent recognition. The Information Commissioner is also concerned, and has contacted Google to "demand privacy guarantees", whatever that means.

What do you think - is it really such a terrible thing that someone in Daytona would be able to see the net curtains in the windows of 54 Acacia avenue?

  Chris the Ancient 14:56 12 Jul 2008

An invasion of privacy? Anyone who wants to look at where I live only has to drive along the road to have a look.

And if it is an invasion of privacy, by Google, what about picture postcards, photographs in newspapers, pictures on TV etc.? Are these also an invasion of privacy if I see my home pictured?

  last starfighter 15:06 12 Jul 2008

Good thread FE,whilst on one hand you can see its a good idea if your buying a house & live away but if you sell something on Ebay you have there address & u can see how they live so as you can see the negatives have shown up already, it is a invasion of our privacy...not sure what to think to be honest

  pj123 15:09 12 Jul 2008

I have always used zoopla to look into other peoples backyards.

I assume others using zoopla can look in to my backyard.

They can't actually look inside my house so I guess there is no invasion of privacy.

As CtA says anyone can see my house by just parking outside and having a look.

If they are really interested in seeing the whole of my house they only have to ring the bell and I will gladly show them around.

  peter99co 15:10 12 Jul 2008

You have not taken to a cycle yet then?

  peter99co 15:14 12 Jul 2008

I used Google Earth to find an address but the street name was not on the maps yet so I found the house by looking for a new built property and there it was. Easy really and so useful.

  cycoze 16:04 12 Jul 2008

I used Google street view this week to see where my Daughter is staying in the USA, very cool.

I do not see a problem with it, certainly not an invasion of privacy, and something i would not like to see stopped as it would bode badly against a lot of street type photography in general.

Google can come and shoot my house anytime.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:06 12 Jul 2008

I an get 4 different (NSEW) views of my house using livelocal.com click here

  crosstrainer 16:15 12 Jul 2008

I suppose it depends. In a semi-rural location, I can see situations when this could be used as a database for criminals, allowing them to plan robbery's etc.

People living in city street locations should be ok, but those of us living in more isolated cul-de-sac's and rural areas might be placed at risk.

  Cymro. 16:17 12 Jul 2008

I don`t suppose that we have ever had complete personal privacy. To have so much privacy we would need to go around in disguise so that no one would recognise us. As for people seeing in to our houses perhaps that is how net curtains came in to fashion.

From my own point of view it is something I care very little about. It is certainly not something that I would ever loose any sleep over. I think there is a tendency for some people to become paranoid about personal privacy and there are people in the media only too pleased to feed their fear of loosing their personal privacy what ever that is suppose to mean exactly.

Our faces can be seen by total strangers every minute of the day be it from people passing by in the street to those who get pleasure from looking in to other peoples houses from the top of buses or from trains that go past the backs of streets and probably thousands of other places.

So the Google car going round with it`s camera is no worry to me and to be honest I can`t see why others should be worried by it. I will wait to see how this thread goes and if anyone can convince me otherwise then I will return to this subject to say so.

  peter99co 16:20 12 Jul 2008

Do you think they will bother with the rural pics?
It is more for town use isn't it?

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