I want to unsubscribe

  Blackhat 18:59 09 Jul 2006

I can unsubscribe to PC advisor, (if I wanted to).
I can unsubscribe to my book club.
I can cancel my credit card.

But at the age of 9 months my parents subscribed me to a club that I no longer wish to be a member of.

Can I be un-baptized? I want to unsubscribe to religion.

This is not a religious statement (FE forbid) but it is on public record somewhere that I am a Christian. I do not attend the meetings or pay subscriptions.

Has anyone had any problems with public records about them being out of date, incorrect or misleading? I have served jury duty twice and on both occasions had to swear on the bible, I felt like a hypocrite. I do not have any feeling +/- for any religion; I just don’t want it on record that I am a Christian.

What other info about us is out there that marks us as being one thing or another that we are not?

  SG Atlantis® 19:14 09 Jul 2006

It's more of ident of which community you come from.

In NI we are required to state on application forms which community we come from and not if we practice the religion, that doesn't matter.

The foundations of our way of life are based on Christian values and teachings.....

  Blackhat 19:23 09 Jul 2006

I agree with christian values and teachings, I just don't believe in the christian god.

What I am questioning is whether I can change public record about myself. Can I be un-baptized?

  SG Atlantis® 19:31 09 Jul 2006

on a personal level I suppose you can renounce that there is a god and when asked for your religion tick, none or athiest on forms.

What's it matter anyhow?

  DieSse 20:01 09 Jul 2006

Just declare whenever asked, that you do not have a religion. You do not have to swear on a bible to be a jurist - just explain and you will asked to make an affirmation instead.

  SANTOS7 20:16 09 Jul 2006

click here
hope this gives you the direction you are looking for

  Forum Editor 22:09 09 Jul 2006

without your consent and probably - at the age of 9 months - without your knowledge.

You don't have to 'unsubscribe' because you didn't subscribe in the first place. Just lead your life in the way you think best - and forget about the baptism.

This is a sensitive and potentially contentious subject, and although everyone has behaved impeccably so far it won't stay that way, so I'm afraid I'm going to close your thread now.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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