I want one...

  Quickbeam 09:05 05 Nov 2009

for Xmas click here

I idly clicked on the PCA home page story about this, now I want one yesterday!

  interzone55 09:59 05 Nov 2009

It weighs nearly a pound, and is an inch thick - I've not seen a phone that big since the early 90's.

And why would you want a 120gb hard drive in a phone?

  Quickbeam 11:18 05 Nov 2009

They can get around the size thing by calling it 'retro styled'... and market it with a free pair of red braces:)

  Chegs ®™ 12:35 05 Nov 2009

I was amused to hear about the "pomegranate" phone,it includes a shaver,coffee maker,projector but the built-in harmonica demonstration brought tears to my eyes. click here

  Snec 19:36 05 Nov 2009

They are both brilliant, aren't they? However much are these things?

  Forum Editor 20:11 05 Nov 2009

I imagine that there are huge numbers of people who - like me - have been waiting a long time for the killer mobile device, the one that can handle standard file formats, access the internet, deal with email, make/receive calls, and generally do everything you need to do on the move.

Such a device needs to be reasonably small, so it fits in a coat pocket, yet have a large enough screen and a 'proper' keyboard.

The company which launches such a product is on the road to the big-time, but the product must be absolutely right. Build-quality is often an issue, as is onboard memory/storage.

I shall watch this product with interest.

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