I ve been putting it off for a while

  Jarvo 21:42 12 Sep 2004

But it being a lousy Sunday I decided it was time for my annual ish PC spring clean. She had been running a little slow recently (enough time to make a cup of coffee during boot up) so armed with my ext drive full of backups, new drivers, patches and a pile of software Cd's, I formated the hard drive and started again. I always forget how big a difference this makes after a hard years work, not to mention the installing and uninstalling of dozens of programs. Yep its a ball ache and boring as hell but well Worth it, Just thought I would post this maybe to inspire those who maybe about to and those who never have.

Jarvo (running at warp speed 9)

additionally as my subscription was nearly due upgraded from Norton NIS 2004 to NIS 2005 and yes they have been listening and it putts a lot less stress on the system and seams to run a lot faster, well worth the $39 upgrade.

  Old Shep 21:58 12 Sep 2004

I would put it off forever if I could. I hate reformatting my hard drive as it seems to take forever to put all my programs back on,reinstall my backups etc etc. I would agree that at the end of the day (days) it is worth it but oh dear it is a ball ache as you rightly say. Luckily I have done mine for this year.

  g0nvs 20:49 13 Sep 2004

To format & re-install everything is I agree, a ball ache. After my last format I bought Norton Ghost and made a back up disc. Now a format & re-install takes under 30 mins to complete.

  Dan the Confused 21:27 13 Sep 2004

In the last 5 years I've only ever had to reinstall 3 times - 2 of those because of hard drive malfunctions. If you take proper anti-spyware and anti-virus precautions, and run housekeeping programs regularly (such as defragging, registry cleaning, junk file removal etc) then there should never be any need for a format/reinstall.

Mind you, I still use Win98 so maybe that's something to do with it :P

  Jarvo 07:38 14 Sep 2004

Dan the confused even with regular use of anti spy-ware anti virus and defraging, with heavy use of a computer and installing and reinstalling of many programs eventual the OS becomes slightly corrupt causing a noticeable slowdown. you can either use a ghost package (which is only as good as your last OS image) or a complete reinstall, you would be amazed at the difference, next time you feel your PC is running very slow and or misbehaving try it. anti spy ware and reg edits can if used correctly solve many problems but take a lot of time and trial and error, the big danger is that if you don't know what you are doing with them you can also create more damage. I use the above regularly to good effect but feel my PC benefits greatly from a fresh install on an annual basis and I am sure many will agree with me.


  jack 09:15 14 Sep 2004

I did my 'big cleanup' in April and upped from
98SE to XP Pro at the same time.
I also resolved only to load programs that I actually need and use a lot -graphics type things mostly, which amount to about 15ish - I told myself I coud live without Word 2000 and get by on Word Pad etc.,

When on Sunday I put SP2 in and checked it all over I realized the program list had gon 'Off Screen' 'loads of 'em -of try this or try that
So already it is clear out time - again.

  CurlyWhirly 11:13 14 Sep 2004

What I do to avoid my PC getting 'bloated' is make a backup using Drive Image 7 and then (say) after 6 months I restore the backup which saves a lot of time compared to reinstalling XP and all drivers, programs, etc!
Any thing that I have downloaded SINCE the backup I save to DVD-RW and then just put them back after the backup is restored.
This works for me anyway!

  Dan the Confused 18:28 14 Sep 2004

Agree about the backups, forgot to say I keep them now too. Takes away a lot of worry :)

  mcds01 10:23 15 Sep 2004

did it myself just this week! sp2 arrived in the post on monday so i thought it was as good a time as anyway. Formatted and installed all the updates etc and reloaded my old programs and backups and shes flying along. Amazing what a difference a couple of hours work can make to the speed of your machine.

  Diemmess 18:01 15 Sep 2004

-He has had a budget PC for 5 years and hand-me-downs printers.

Phoned last week and "You know that old printer you gave me......."

Upshot, new printer USB of course, well it's his birthday in a few days, so that was a problem solved............ Not quite !

Running 98SE, - system crashed while trying to update to a USB2 card. Cleverclogs (me) ran scanreg restore even though the most recent was April this year!!!!

Managed to install MFprinter, came home very smug....Phone again, "I can't get on the net"

His basic problem was a tiny HD with almost no space left on C: partition.

Reconciled to fitting a "new" 20G for him and re-installing everything, I partitioned the new HD and it took every sort of juggling with jumpers and BIOS before I was able to install everything on the new HD. This was old stuff which had been forgotten with lack of practice.

There was no sign of the original mobo drivers CD so integral modem, video and sound all had to be sussed out and downloaded from the net.

I copied all the data from years back for him, but simply to get a clean installation of Windows98SE took from Sunday afternoon till Monday evening.

Being an Aol worshipper, I was a fish out of water with BT Yahoo Pay-as-You-Go, but this was recovered amazingly easily!

Tuesday took all day trying to install this fancy printer which disregarding its status as USB, insisted on going to LPT1, where of course it was unable to do anything.

Silly me! The answer had been there all the time, had I looked in device manager. The yellow "?" in Other Devices.

I removed this affront and next time through, no problems.

A spot more polishing and installing and delivered back today.

I have been alternately Up and Down and all's well at last - (me feeling smug again).

So What?........ Well doing ones own major re-hash is one thing, doing it for others ..... on your head be it.

I use HyperOs these days, but was a Ghost devotee after too many ruined systems. HyperOs in my opinion works well, but is overpriced and under supported.

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