I Told You!

  oresome 19:00 09 Mar 2011

Our green bin is scheduled to be emptied every 4 weeks.

The February collection was missed and virtually all householder in the area have since left their bin on the pavement for the last 2 weeks and 6 days.

I left ours out for the first 48 hours and then brought it back in awaiting the the next collection date which is due next week. This is per the council instructions.

Of course my wife said I should have left it out and we would be the only ones who wouldn't get the bin emptied.

And so it came to pass.

The bin men came today and emptied all the bins but ours.

Now will they come again next week?

  uk-wizard 19:25 09 Mar 2011

Our council keep a good and up to date calendar on their website for re-cycling days. Was essential this winter.

  lotvic 19:30 09 Mar 2011

I put my bin out late last Sun evening ready for Mon morning, it was late and very dark.
I looked out on Mon morning when I heard them emptying the bins, everyone else had Brown bins out - mine was Blue.

I slunk out and retrieved it when the street was empty.

  Fred Spoons EPNS 19:45 09 Mar 2011

Thankfully our council collect all recycle once a week in a free green recycle plastic sack.We put it out and a local authority dustcart comes along each Tuesday at 7am and its thrown in the back.We're also very lucky to have a council leader who doesn't want our fine market town swamped with thousands of plug-ugly plastic buckets on wheels ruining the area. Its in stark contrast to some authorities whose blinkered attitude to rubbish collection is - well, rubbish!

  interzone55 19:50 09 Mar 2011

mine's been blocked in the backyard by workmen's scaffolding since late september.

when it does get emptied the binmen will think i'm a serious alkie.

mind you there's some bottle/can banks round the corner that are overflowing because they've not been emptied for a few weeks...

  lotvic 22:26 09 Mar 2011

...so is that because it's where you've been putting your empties since you and the workmen filled your own bin ;-o

  Aitchbee 08:22 10 Mar 2011

My older brother who now lives alone over in southern Ireland, buries all his rubbish in his back garden; he says it saves him about 100 euros a year!
This includes an old fridge and a washing machine!

  oresome 08:28 10 Mar 2011

In years to come, your brother will be able to heat the house from the gas generated by the dacaying rubbish.

He'll be euros in.

  interzone55 08:45 10 Mar 2011

I've contibuted with my nightly bottle of ale, and the milk cartons, but I live in a mostly muslim area of town, so I wonder who's filled the three very large bottle banks with beer and spirit bottles...

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