I thought this was an April Fool when i read it

  interzone55 14:39 02 Jul 2009

I had to check the date on this story.

Aston making a city car based on the Toyota iQ.

Perhaps this means that Olga Kurylenko won't need to drive a Ford Ka in the next Bond...

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  Belatucadrus 14:54 02 Jul 2009

Aston are doing it to bring down the average emissions on the range and also only selling it to existing Aston Martin owners. Seems odd at first, but quite logical really.

  rawprawn 15:45 02 Jul 2009

Now you know what to buy the man who has everything (providing he has a DB) Still it pull the girls they will be sure that he can afford at least 2 Aston martins.

  rawprawn 15:47 02 Jul 2009

"Still it Should pull the girls"

  Cymro. 15:53 02 Jul 2009

these days with the credit crunch. Perhaps it is a good thing for them to have something to fall back on if they ever get in to financial difficulties.

  interzone55 16:35 02 Jul 2009

Yes, I realise they've done it to comply with impending regulations regarding average emissions across the product range, but it just seemed so strange when I first read it.

Porsche want to buy Volkswagen for the same reason...

  interzone55 16:46 02 Jul 2009

Aston's sales are down quite a bit, but unlike mass market producers, a lot of their customers still need 12 digit calculators to add up their total wealth, so they, like Rolls Royce, are still producing cars.

Bentley however have suffered badly, as the new Bentley range is quite "fashionable" with certain folks who've had to reign in the spending recently.

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  jack 17:15 02 Jul 2009

Many makers of low volume high spec cars have taken a basic car and tweaked mechanically or fittings and fixtures or both - Cosworth Cortina- The Wicker Mini[Was that a 'Hooper' job?]
'Bog' standard Merc's and Beemers have all come in for that tweaking process.

Now if Aston or RR or Bentley or Merc did a BOGOF
Bigun for Dad and a 'Shopping Trolley for the missus .
That would be real sense

If the 'Baby were Electric- then the big'yn for weekends and the electric baby for commuting/shopping even more sense'

  Chegs ®™ 03:19 07 Jul 2009

I read about this "city" car in a motoring press email recently,apparently the expected asking price will be £20,000+ which means only the clinically insane would buy them. :)

  interzone55 09:03 07 Jul 2009

No, it's aimed at existing Aston Martin customers who want a city car with the same level of refinement as their DB9.

As jack said, it's been done before - Radford customised the Mini for fashionable people like Peter Sellers and Twiggy

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