I thought I had escaped this

  Legolas 15:39 08 Feb 2009

I have sat back rather smugly in the past week as much of Britain from Aberdeen to Bath and beyond have ground to a halt because of snow. Living in the central belt of Scotland about seven miles outside Glasgow we have missed the snow....until now, as I type it is snowing moderately heavy but steadily and is already lying. So it looks like our turn to "grind" to a halt. I hope we in the West of Scotland have stocked up with plenty of rock salt although it being Sunday I doubt if there is a gritter out on the roads. Of course if it snows heavy enough for long enough then I might get a long weekend off work ;))Every cloud and all that.

  The Brigadier 15:41 08 Feb 2009

Hope you stay safe Legolas.
We got over 22cm near Oakhampton the other night.
Chaos but the Highways Agency & The Police did a great job.

  Forum Editor 16:33 08 Feb 2009

It's spelt Okehampton - but you know that if you live near it. On the other hand, in another thread you talk of Minehead bay being on your doorstep, but it's 45 miles from Okehampton....I'm puzzled.

  BT 16:38 08 Feb 2009

we've been very fortunate here in Norwich. We had a couple of inches last Sunday night/Monday morning which had virtually gone by Tuesday and a sprinkling on Thursday morning.

  Clapton is God 16:58 08 Feb 2009

Oddly enough, Bath didn't grind to a halt or even get that much snow in the City itself.

On the other hand, Bath University campus where my younger daughter is and which is about 1 1/2 miles outside the City and on much higher ground had about 6 inches of the stuff.

Lectures were cancelled for a couple of days (although I gather the bars remained open). ;-))

  newman35 17:05 08 Feb 2009

"....I'm puzzled."

Surely you are not suggesting that people are as they purport to be on this forum??!!

  Legolas 17:06 08 Feb 2009

I doubt anything can separate a student and a drink certainly not a paltry 6in of snow

  laurie53 20:29 08 Feb 2009

Still nothing other than the light dusting, gone in an hour, that we had yesterday.

I've seen more snow in Rome (honest, that's true!).

  pchelper001 21:05 08 Feb 2009

Bath got quite a lot of snow! Or maybe it all landed in my back garden ;) got about 10-15cm so wasn't all bad. We aren't on high ground here at my house, and getting into Bath was a bit hellish, had to walk and dig out my big boots!

  Sapins 21:12 08 Feb 2009

I hope this is the thin edge of the wedge, correcting someones spelling! You have always maintained that spelling and grammar are unimportant in PCA forums, I have never agreed with you on this, but, I kept quiet as I thought there was nothing to be gained by objecting.

Maybe we can offer the occasional correction from now on?

  namtas 21:18 08 Feb 2009

"I'm puzzled" Worry not FE, The Brigadier is a roving reporter.

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