I think I'm losing it, not just the keys.

  GRIDD 00:20 24 Jun 2008

Left work at 2230, went to Tesco (across the road) then got a taxi home.

Wife let met me at the door, headed to kitchen proceeded to put shopping away and I realised I'd lost my keys.... Searched about and no joy.

Calls Taxi company asks about keys, the answer is no. Called Tesco... the answer is no (nice guy ran round the shop while talking to me on the phone).

Called Taxi company to take me back to Tesco and work to retrace my steps. Again no luck in finding them....

Back home severely disappointed and miffed I asked the wife to make me a sandwich. She went to pick up a knife from the dish rack and found my keys in the bottom of the cutlery section.

How the hell did they get in there!!!!

Think I'll apply to look after some government laptops, papers and cds for them.

  Stuartli 00:25 24 Jun 2008

You are clearly in a similar position to me - it's an age thing....:-)

By the way, my wife had a similar experience about 15 years ago when she couldn't find her purse after we had been to a garden centre one evening.

We got home, the purse was absent, so I rang the garden centre just as it was due to close.

They kept it open for nearly two hours whilst a search was made, but no luck.

My wife found her purse not all that long after we got back home again - she'd apparently been looking for it in the wrong coat.

Guess who I insisted had to ring the garden centre next day to offer her sincere apologies....:-)

  wolfie3000 05:24 24 Jun 2008

Its not an age thing, many people do it,

We get so set into routines around our houses that we do things without thinking about it,
Say putting keys down when entering your house or putting a cd back onto a shelf or even putting a jar of coffee back in a cupboard,

But sometimes when we do things automatically like that we can for a split second get disrupted or our sub conscience get muddled and we put things down in odd places,

Say a coffee jar gets put into the fridge or keys get put into a cutlery drawer.

Its just one of these things,

This is why we lose things round the house like car keys or wallets.

  Marko797 07:53 24 Jun 2008

lol, re the coffee in the fridge, yep done that. Glad it's not just me. However, I have heard, true or not, that the fridge is a good place to keep coffee! However, that's no excuse.

  jack 08:29 24 Jun 2008

Following something that I observed at a relatives
home once upon a time.
When I set about doing a task I get all the tools I am likely to need and lay them out adjacent on the floor or bench next to the place where the job is to be under taken.
That's it all lined up ready to go -
Pick screw driver to unscrew, put it back, take up pliers to snip wire, put it back, etc.
All straight forward.

Explain this; when the last part comes and the screw driver is needed - Why is it not there?
Why do I have to go around the house looking only to find it in the Work shop-

Why did I go there when the job is indoors.
It called pro-occupation or Senior Moment or just plain loopy.

  GRIDD 09:32 24 Jun 2008

Glad I'm not the only one. ;)

  birdface 09:51 24 Jun 2008

Not an age thing.My nephew had to go to Leicester for an interview.And on his way back home on the train he remembered that he had taken his car to Leicester.And he is only in his 40s.

  Bingalau 11:49 24 Jun 2008

I have to admit that I recently put a spoonful of coffee in to my cornflake dish and the cornflakes in to my big coffee mug. Well I was only half awake.

  Jim Thing 12:42 24 Jun 2008

All these logical explanations are well wide of the mark — the fact is, you've become a victim of the Great Taker.

We had a GT in our house for years. When you're working under your car, flat on your back in the driveway, and you carefully put a tool down on the ground by your right ear so that you can find it again without looking, he's the one who whips it away and makes it turn up six months later on top of your daughter's wardrobe.

  Picklefactory 12:51 24 Jun 2008

Mother in law once had us and assorted grandkids hunting all round the house for her false teeth, and Wolfie3000/Marko797, I think it might just edge it over the coffee........yup, fridge was the spot where they turned up.

Buteman, I thought that was brilliant.

  €dstowe 13:21 24 Jun 2008

A few weeks ago I bought some fresh fish for dinner. Some days later I noticed a dreadful stench in the house and it took ages for me to identify where the smell was coming from. I tracked it down to a bookcase where the bag of fish was stacked amongst the books.

I worst part of this was (apart from the smell which took days to get rid off) that I didn't think at all about cooking or eating the fish after I'd bought it and got it home. It was just stacked away and completely forgotten about.

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