And I started to believed them

  carver 10:11 30 Apr 2013

I wonder if this is the reason serious crime why the crime figures have gone down, I was hoping that the figures released about serous crime were true.

It was only the other day that figures showed crime was dropping, must get my hearing checked.

Maybe now they will not be so baffled enter link description here and confused.

  Forum Editor 11:58 30 Apr 2013

"I was hoping that the figures released about serous crime were true."

Why should that not be the case? You've misunderstood the article you linked to. It says that people were not convicted - their crimes were still reported, and have been included in the statistics.

According to the independent Crime Survey for England and Wales recorded crime has fallen by 10% and is at its lowest level since records began.

That's in the article you linked to as well, but perhaps you didn't bother to read that far?

  fourm member 13:43 30 Apr 2013

It is impossible to know when the final outcome of a FOI request will happen so it would be a remarkable coincidence if Labour happened to get this information at this time. Much more likely that it has sat on it until it thought it could do the most good politically.

That means it needs to be viewed with suspicion.

For example, though the headlines are all about Yvette Cooper saying this has happened since the government cuts in 2010, the figures show that the increase began during the past government.

There are many possibilities. It could be that forces are finding community resolutions work and are, therefore, using them more widely.

It could be that given a community resolution amounts to a solved case, police forces err on the side of stating an offence is more serious than it is in order to get a better 'clear up' rate.

According to the BBC, one of the 'serious' offences is 'GBH without intent'.

It could be that offences that previously went unrecorded are now recorded. Often, when there is a law and order thread someone brings up the old 'clip round the ear from a copper' notion. That was the community resolution of its day but it didn't get into anybody's figures.

In any case, as the FE said, the figures relied on for levels of crime come from the crime survey and they are blind to whether an offender went to court of was dealt with this way.

Trying to determine the effect of policing techniques on crime is very complex. It has even been suggested that, say, reducing the priority of drug possession and low level dealing results in a decrease in unrelated serious crime simply because police are out and about more of the time.

  bremner 18:04 30 Apr 2013

Two ACPO police officers were interviewed on the Today program on R4 this morning, the Home Office declined to put someone up

They both agreed the figures were worrying in that Community and Restorative Justice disposals were not meant for Serious Crime with the caveat that "every case must be dealt with on its merits".

They also emphasised that the figures actually show that those being dealt with in this way for the more minor offences they were meant for, show lower levels of reoffending than for those cautioned or charged. Put that together with the HMIC boss saying police should concentrate more on prevention then this type of disposal must have its place.

The BBC have chosen to show the New Scotland Yard sign in their piece, when the Met has yet to supply their figures, if they are typical of the other 33 Forces then the figure will be many more than 10,000.

  fourm member 19:20 30 Apr 2013

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