I spy with my little iPhone.

  canarieslover 20:14 08 Jul 2010

Is this a good case for supplying all criminals with an iPhone so that forensic experts can tell what they have been doing. I think the police would need to capture them and their phone first though.

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Perhaps someone will write an App to clear the phone if you get nicked.

I have a feature on my Google Nexus one called Google Latitude. It continuously tracks my position using GPS so any of my friends can look at their phone and see exactly where I am.

I guess if a law enforcement officer wanted to know my whereabouts, then all they need to do is ask Google and they could pinpoint my exact location at almost any time.

  pavvi 10:15 10 Jul 2010

So picture this:

You're on holiday, and you have twitter and you tweet about it. There is a feature on certain apps that will show tweets from people registered from within the local area. Perfect tool for a burglar to tell if you are away on hols. People are already too careless with their personal data.

Yes, these apps can be useful, but you have to think about who they are useful to.

  ella33 12:13 11 Jul 2010

There are such things as private tweet messages, so that should stop others from finding out where you are?

  pavvi 23:58 11 Jul 2010

There are private messages on twitter (direct messages) but there really isn't any point in being on twitter and just useing private messaging. Texting would be more efficient. I had to alert a colleague of mine as there are apps on twitter that pinpoint exactly where he was tweeting from, right down to the full postal address. He has a family, and his wife is fairly well known on TV mainly in UK but more and more in US too.

Facebook can be more revealing as facebook has very poor privacy settings which they change regularly without informing you, so you could find that things that you say that you think are going out just to people you know well are searchable on google.

I have a personal facebook page as well as one set up by my record label. A friend told me to look at my privacy settings as they were able to read all my updates via google without being signed into their account.

Also you can link your facebook, twitter and myspace accounts. This can put all information very handy for peopple that want it.

My advice would be to keep using social networking sites as they can be fun and help you stay in touch. But don't say anything more revealing about valuable things than you would say in a public place. The internet is never private and you should always be cautious you never know who is also able to see what you are saying

  pavvi 00:02 12 Jul 2010

Watch out with Facebook, whenever someone comments on one of your wall posts/photos/links etc, a note appears on their Wall saying that they have commented on your wall. By clicking on the link in the comment on their wall someone who you might know but is a friend (or acquitance or someone they bumped into, or someone they accepted as a facebook friend without knowing them)of theirs will have full access to your wall even if you have set it to private.

I enabled it at first purely for the novelty of idea which has now, admittedly, worn off. I rarely use it these days and forget that it's running most of the time.

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