I Spy?

  peter99co 13:45 05 Dec 2010

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Mr Hancock is MP for Portsmouth South, a city which has a large naval base. He also sits on the House of Commons Defence Select Committee.

Despite acknowledging that he has asked for information on the location of nuclear submarines and has probably asked more defence questions than any other MP, he said his work was not "top secret".

  spuds 13:52 05 Dec 2010

Like most MP's and members of the public, they only get told 'what they need to know' and I suppose that also refers to 'top secrets'.

Remember an MP is only 'as good as' for the duration of the job. Civil servants and the military might last a bit longer?.

  jakimo 14:27 05 Dec 2010

Similar thing happened 20 years ago in the US,Russian dolly girl assistants were charged with spying,vigorously denied of course,they were deported back to Russia where they were awarded medal's for job well done.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:50 05 Dec 2010

We are constantly reminded that MPs, bankers and other people in power are there because they have more knowledge than us mere mortals. What on earth was this utter muppet thinking of when he employed a young Russian girl especially as he is MP for a naval city and a member of the House of Commons Defence Select Committee? Why on earth did he chose a foreigner over a British National as jobs here are a little hard to come by? He should be thrown out onto the dole.


  john bunyan 15:10 05 Dec 2010

Absolutely correct. This guy has a history with ladies, but I suppose is innocent until proved guilty. I would love to see photos of these assistants to see what proportion are "dolly birds"....

  sidecar sid 15:19 05 Dec 2010

Why on earth did he chose a foreigner over a British National as jobs here are a little hard to come by? He should be thrown out onto the dole.

Perhaps for the same reason you did.

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  jack 15:57 05 Dec 2010

'Researchers'- individually'
Surely such jobs should be filled from a central pool of 'approved[vetted] individuals.
I think it is well known that many individuals who wind up as MP's do so because have inspirations above their intellectual capabilities and no normal organization would employ them as a such high level.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:54 05 Dec 2010

I'm afraid that in his situation it was totally different. I used British builders and found them to be without exception, useless. I also do not receive money from the taxpayer to pay my staff and as he receive our money I would suggest that his first duty would be to employ British staff or do you mind your money being used to pay for foreign staff rather than British. My money, my choice. I am also not in the Government and I am not on the House of Commons Defence Select Committee. You are not telling me that he tried British workers and decided on her and in any case it does not take a genius to work out that being his researcher would involve seeing classified material, so employing a Russian was probably not his best move.


  realist 17:14 05 Dec 2010

Katia Zatuliveter??
Not exactly covert is she.
Presumably we have at least one "Mary Smith" garnering secrets in the Kremlin?

  Jameslayer 17:54 05 Dec 2010

click here bbc story with pictuire

  sidecar sid 18:04 05 Dec 2010

I do not object to my money being spent on foreign staff as long as it is
Prudent and cost effective. That may not be true in this case only time will tell.
Employing a Russian national who passed vetting and was subsequently banged
Up seems to be more of a failing of the security services than of Mr Hancock.

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