I see HBOS are entering into the festive spirit!

  six-h 22:48 13 Dec 2008

with a "not to be missed" Ordinary share open offer.

Yes! as a "valued investor" (snigger) you can buy a limited number of shares (currently at a downwardly mobile mid-market price of £0.67)
for the bargain price of £1.136 !!

There's even the opportunity to increase the quantity that you've been allocated! lol
How can we resist this latest bargain?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:12 13 Dec 2008

Loans and write-offs this year have jumped to £8bn and the whole sorry company is a basket case. They should be nationalised or left to sink plus the hapless directors need a good kicking into reality. Expect to see more banks suddenly finding toxic debt that they *ahem* forgot *ahem* to include when they were sucking up to H.M.Govt. for barrow loads of cash.
2009 will be rather interesting.


  six-h 23:56 13 Dec 2008

Too true.
I've seen my small holding reduced to 20% of it's value in the last year.
I'm past caring what happens to my own investment, but I'm sure that there are others for whom this is a catastrope from which they will never recover.
I just feel that the earlier unsuccessful and wildly overpriced rights issue, and this similarly fanciful offer shows the true colours of those who control our finances within the organisation, and the contempt in which they hold their shareholders.

  Geronimo. 01:16 14 Dec 2008

GANDALF <|:-)>"

2009 is going to be possibly the blackest year in history " as was quoted by bbc news, "IF" this is going to end imho i belive its going to last MUCH MUCH longer than Gordon Brown stated of 6 months, id rather be looking at ALL of whats happened in the last 5 months & whats about to happen & whats also going to happen like job cuts in 2009 id think more of a 10 year problem!

but one things for sure our world will NEVER be how it was this time last year thats for sure

  Strawballs 01:29 14 Dec 2008

I know that the banking sector can't be left to collapse but it does annoy me when they plow billions into save it then you get the headlines that the Vauxhall factory is going to have to go onto a 9 month layoff on 30% pay or the new CVF carriers to be delayed by 2yrs which at 3billion is a drop compared to the billions being plowed into the banks and they will have something to show for their money with the carriers.

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