I see that ....

  Jackcoms 07:52 30 Dec 2006

Zara Phillips has been made an MBE in the New Year Honours List.

I understand that this is because she rides a horse and jumps over fences.

The world's gone bloody mad.

Perhaps if the brave troops in Iraq and Afghanistan took to riding horses ...

  Forum Editor 08:11 30 Dec 2006

with your sentiment, but without the florid language.

  rezeeg 09:27 30 Dec 2006

Well done the shoe-shine man, but as for the over paid 'stars', 'sports people' etc. who are only pursuing their hobbies $?#!!.......

  Newbolt 09:51 30 Dec 2006

Does that condemn all awards of honours to sports men and women, or is it an indirect comment on the supposed social level of three day eventing? The fact is that she is a superb and fearless rider.

  Forum Editor 10:45 30 Dec 2006

Indeed she is, but there are many superb and fearless riders, and I think the point being made here is that perhaps an MBE should not be awarded to someone, simply because he/she wins a race, or a game, or an event. The perceived 'social level' (as you call it) of eventing has nothing to do with it.

A history of achievement in sport, theatre, TV, public service, etc. would qualify a person in my view, but a couple of sporting victories, how ever notable? Not really.

  Bingalau 10:54 30 Dec 2006

Come on now. Royalty have got to get their decorations etc from somewhere so why not from Mummy? ..Bingalau..

  anskyber 11:07 30 Dec 2006

Nicole Cooke. click here I may have missed her name in the Honours List. Anyone who has ridden a bicycle even part seriously will know that the sport is amongst the toughest (in my view the toughest) of the sports to be involved with.

This year Nicole won the womens Tour de France, became world number one,and was world cup champion. Yes three day eventing is no walk in the park, it is a demanding sport but no major honour for Nicole?

  WhiteTruckMan 11:12 30 Dec 2006

has been seriously devalued by political considerations in recent years. Which is a great shame really, because it cheapens the awards made to those who truly deserve it.


  Kate B 11:14 30 Dec 2006

Gosh, you lot are mean-spirited. Good for her - she's had to work hard to get where she is: she couldn't have done it without a lot of talent and work. She's been lucky to have access to the best facilities but she's an outstanding athlete in her own right. She also appears not to be hobbled by any airs and graces, but as far as I can tell is a nice, straightforward young woman who works hard. She has no titles - it's not her fault her grandmother is the queen.

All sorts of people deserve honours - the system is a long way from perfect but this one is well-deserved. Why carp at her?

  anskyber 14:33 30 Dec 2006

I'm not carping at her. Nicole Cooke has done significantly more for nothing. It just seems to have come rather quickly for Zara Phillips.

  Forum Editor 14:41 30 Dec 2006

at Zara, I'm certainly not. I'm carping at a system which rewards someone for winning two sporting events with an MBE when others work tirelessly for years in less high-profile fields and get nothing.

Anyone who says that's a fair system is out of touch with reality.

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