I remember when...

  Chegs ®™ 12:51 24 Dec 2007

As a child,going round the neighbours houses at christmas singing carols.Also used to do the "penny for the guy" earlier in the year,where we actually had a "guy" (carried in a wheelbarrow,was actually a real person who's face was covered with scarves)

I now have a child of my own that does the modern equivalents,"trick or treat" actually dressed as a witch,etc but there are scores of local kids who knock on our door and expect a handout simply for uttering "trick or treat" dressed in school uniform or "hoodies".I cannot remember ever having heard the old "penny for the guy" in years.

My daughter also has been round the doors singing carols,but other than her and a couple of her friends nobody has been to my door.

As a child I recall the local branch of the "Round Table" had santa in a trailer (made to look like a sleigh) with xmas music played through a PA system,handing out sweets and such as he toured the whole town.I haven't seen or heard this santa in over 20yrs.

Carol singers are also rarely heard,the town centre had the "salvation army" stood outside all day singing or their band playing carols,no longer.Kids no longer seem willing to sing carols and the many groups/associations(church/scouts/guides/brownies/charities,etc)of my youth that would tour the area singing carols also seem to have dispensed with these activities.

Is this apparent decline in xmas activities just locally,or is your area also showing a similar decline?

  Forum Editor 13:15 24 Dec 2007

has set foot on my driveway for years. When I was but a slip of a lad I sang in a cathedral choir, and we used to tread the streets in force - lanterns and all - at Christmas time. Later on, when I lived in a small country town the Salvation army band played in the town centre, and not just for Christmas - they were there every sunday, too.

It's a pity that kind of thing seems to have died out

  anskyber 13:18 24 Dec 2007

I moved to my current address on 20th December two years ago. Two days later the local church singers sang carols to us and moved on as they do to the rest of the village. (65 persons + a pub)

Last year nothing and nothing so far this year.

  pj123 13:25 24 Dec 2007

Nobody does carol singing anymore because it doesn't make any money. That is what Christmas is all about now, isn't it, making money?

  Bingalau 13:31 24 Dec 2007

We still have a father Christmas coming around our area every year. Provided by the local Rotary club, you can hear him coming for miles as his vehicle plays carols and other Christmas music continually. His helpers hand out sweets etc to the little children and his helpers rattle buckets to collect cash for the Rotary Club's charities.

  Earthsea 13:32 24 Dec 2007

Sometimes we get carol singers, sometimes we don't. None for the last couple of years but we did have a very loud 'Santa trailer', which was annoying. I confess that I actually quite like carol singers.

  TopCat® 13:51 24 Dec 2007

not one actually sang anything. They had recorded carols on a tape player turned up loud at the door! I'm all for innovation but that was something else.

My parting words, after wishing them a happy Christmas, was to ask them to make sure they paid over some royalties to the professional performers on their tape. They went away with a puzzled look on the face! :o) TC.

  cycoze 14:12 24 Dec 2007

Nearest Town to me has a Carol concert in the Town square tonight with a brass band, they do it every year, a Friend of mine plays for them, so we will pop along.

A nearby Village organise a Trailer and take the local children around Carol singing, they have a little party for them afterwards, the children love it, no whining which the adults like.

  Forum Editor 14:39 24 Dec 2007

Watch BBC Two at 5:30 this afternoon - Carols from Kings College Chapel. Not to be missed, and instantly puts me into the mood for Christmas.

  Chegs ®™ 15:11 24 Dec 2007

Never mind.

Watch BBC Two at 5:30 this afternoon...

Thanks for the heads up.

I dont particularly like xmas,but I do enjoy the carol singing so I will be watching.

I wonder why the present situation (rare carol singers) has occured,surely xmas hasnt reached the point where if it doesnt earn money,it doesnt happen.I realise xmas is very commercially orientated but singing used to be enjoyable(for me at least)and xmas carols were especially fun as we "invented" new words to the carols...

# While sheperds washed their socks by night,

all watching ITV,the angel of the lord came down...

and switched to BBC#

and so forth.

  Woolwell 15:31 24 Dec 2007

I think that some carol singers may have been put off by the licensing requirements - street collection or entertainments licence. It has come to something when the Department for Culture, Media and Sport has a specific Q&A for carol singing click here.

Of course you can always sing carols. Most churches will be holding or have held a carol service.

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