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  crosstrainer 04:04 10 Jul 2009

....Late night / Early morning pleas from time to time when insomnia strikes..

Anyone about?

  wiz-king 05:38 10 Jul 2009

hush - I'm sleeping.

  crosstrainer 06:50 10 Jul 2009

..Sorry, Nighty Night :))

Just been gradually cranking up the BIOS / Graphics card settings on the newbie... I keep pushing, but it hasn't crashed yet.

Makes me really believe that these new double GPU cards are as good as SLI /Crossfire.

This Radeon 4870 Beats my (now relegated to second PC) 2x8800GTX's to bits. And they supply it with a Crossfire bridge so that you can run 2....Now what lunatic would do that (...Hmmm...No, not me honest)

:)) AT least I have not ordered another one yet...be interesting though..One card is equal to 2 (the top end one in this has 2GB of memory and 2 GPU's) wonder what 4 GPU's would be like?

Now go back to bed young man :))

  ened 07:28 10 Jul 2009

If you don't reply I shall assume you have 'cranked' too far!

I have bene about since you started this thread but I was in the hills with the dog photographing a watery sunrise.

  Chegs ®™ 07:36 10 Jul 2009

Morning crosstrainer,I've been playing online golf since 3pm yesterday & its just about my bedtime.Cya later

  crosstrainer 07:49 10 Jul 2009

No, just had my morning shower..:))

  crosstrainer 07:49 10 Jul 2009

..Sleep well :))

  crosstrainer 07:54 10 Jul 2009

...Don't seem able to crash it, and it's the first ATI card I have had for about 8 years. Stuck with Nvidia for a long time, but this newbie has an AMD mobo, so treated it to a card that better matched it's chip set.

I am impressed, as I said above. it beats 2 8800GTX's hands down, and they are not exactly slow.. :))

I can now start overclocking the card a little more (This is contrary to all advice I have ever given here...)

As in " DO as I say rather than do as I do":))

It makes long sleepless nights a lot shorter (and it's cheaper than going to the pub too)

  crosstrainer 08:06 10 Jul 2009

I hope you have an entry in the photo competition?

  mrwoowoo 19:26 10 Jul 2009

Ah, but just think.
When we finally get around to Quake 4 the graphics will be just as good on my PC playing that as it will for you.(O:!
Just how much (or little) sleep do you average a night?)
How much,percentage wise have you managed to overclock your 4870? Sounds awesome.
Overclock an 8600gt once by 10%.But the slight increase in FPS (4 -7) in most games,meant it wasn't worth it,plus the occasional lock up.
Now my Q660 2.4GHZ CPU that's a different matter.These proccessors just love to be overclocked. Running at 3.2ghz with plenty of cooling to spare if i feel the need to crank it up some more in the future.

  crosstrainer 20:15 10 Jul 2009

I've been an insomniac for along time... Since Mrs Crosstrainer died in 1997. Have been offered the usual pills and potions, but always refused. I suppose I get around 2-3 hours a night, but surprisingly, you do get used to it....Might be a few more grey hairs about, but apart from that, I seem to suffer no real ill effects!

The new card seems to be pretty robust to say the least...It's the first ATI card I have owned for years, And is fast and stable despite what I do to it.

I am wondering what two of them would be like? 4x GPU's....Hmm, I wouldn't even think about it if they hadn't supplied it with the crossfire bridge... :)))

I hope we can play Quake soon...But I really am lousy at online games apart from Flight SimX, which isn't a game really!!

Look forward to it, but expect to die in seconds :))

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