I never knew.True or False.

  birdface 19:52 11 Aug 2011

Watching something on TV today about Australia my brother happened to mention that if you pull the plug in a sink full of water in Australia the actual water rotates anti-clockwise when disappearing down the drain.

We all know it rotates clockwise here and I am trying to work out why it should be the opposite way down under.

Getting to my age and I did not know that.

So learn something new every day.

Wonder how long this thread will stay open!!!

  bremner 19:57 11 Aug 2011

The water down the sink thing is a myth BBC

  Aitchbee 20:05 11 Aug 2011

buteman - chances this thread will run are 100/1. Scientific or mathematical discussions on this forum seem to be few and far between. HB

  birdface 20:06 11 Aug 2011

Hi bremner.

I took it for granted that it was true as he stayed there for 6 weeks about 10 years ago so bang goes that theory, although he did say it always went anti-clockwise.

I have to head for the airport now so will see if anyone else has experienced it on their trips down under.

Thanks for the quick reply.

  birdface 20:07 11 Aug 2011


I might have 50p on that at those prices.

  john bunyan 20:13 11 Aug 2011

I think it is true. I once saw a TV programme filmed on the equator and the "eddy " was different depending on which side of the line the container with plughole was

  Aitchbee 20:22 11 Aug 2011

buteman - the odds are now 10/1 - that's what the bookies do.

  bremner 20:47 11 Aug 2011

John Bunyan

Have you read the link I have posted.

I have lost count of the times that this has shown to be untrue on countless science programs and was raised on QI.

  spuds 00:51 12 Aug 2011

john bunyan

I seem to recall a tv program very similar to what you suggest. That program if I remember correctly also did the pin on a string magnetic field test?.

  tullie 04:12 12 Aug 2011

After living in Sydney for twenty odd years,i now realise that this was something i never checked.

  birdface 09:36 12 Aug 2011

Nice one tullie.

We finally got someone who stayed in Australia and never noticed any difference.

I suppose that means that the water was rotating clockwise or you would have noticed the difference.

Now this is a bit of a ramble.

Watching underground lava flows on some fault line somewhere in the world.

The magnetic force of the Lava would always point north on a compass,But they are now getting results of the opposite and the magnetic force is now pointing south on some of the fault lines.

Probably an idiotic view would there be any side effects with that which would make things work different.

Anyhow my Brother still says where he stayed in Brisbane the water drained anti clockwise.

And just had another thought.He is a left Hander so maybe that could have been one of the reasons.

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