I need some Electric Gates

  woodchip 23:47 20 Jun 2011

This is a Question, Does anybody live in my area that knows of a good firm that fits automated electric gate.

Penistone Barnsley Sheffield etc

  Colonel Graham 00:12 21 Jun 2011

Here you go old friend Midhopestones

  wiz-king 06:36 21 Jun 2011

No - But I can think of several points to ask about:-

If there is a power-cut will they open manually without doing damage/getting a hernia

Is there a lower flap that can be lifted/hinged up to clear a snow fall

Would a sliding gate be better than an normal swing gate

  woodchip 14:02 22 Jun 2011

Yes there is override if no electric, no snow flap unless I asked for one.

Problem with that is how big a flap. that means How much snow

  interzone55 14:09 22 Jun 2011

Another point - if you go for a sliding gate, make sure the installer properly boxes in the bit the gate slides into.

A couple of kids were killed last year by sliding gates, and it never reaches the news that lots of pets meet a sticky end by the same means.

  woodchip 14:25 22 Jun 2011

no room for sliders. They have to be double wrought iron gates opening and mechanics underground if possible. 150 mill square box section posts. 6 feet high. Gates in metal as I get that much wind where I am. Had problems with Thieves of late may have been scrap metal men Gipsies may be as I leave the Gates open when I go out. That's why I want some that work from a Remote to shut them on leaving

  woodchip 14:29 22 Jun 2011

PS the gates you have just mentioned will be old gates as they have to comply with new safety regs as they are classed as a Machine, hence they now have to provide certification Ticket to cover for one year, after that they should be checked each year for the above like a mot for a car

  woodchip 14:30 22 Jun 2011

Forgot to say they should stop if anything gets in the way

  interzone55 14:53 22 Jun 2011


Hope there's no Gypsies visit this forum or you'll be in real trouble for equating them with scrap metal thieves...

  woodchip 16:24 22 Jun 2011

alan14 They nicked a Trailer type wood branch chipper from round the corner from me. It was found about 400 yards from a Camp. It had a tracer on it. That's what they do to see if its found. If not they pick it back up and sell it

  interzone55 17:12 22 Jun 2011


Were they Gypsies, or just travellers? there is an important distinction and the genuine Romany folk are getting understandably peed off at being tarred for the crimes of the dirty travellers who roam the country robbing places and leaving behind a serious biohazard.

you'll find most of the travellers are of Irish decent, not Romany...

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