I need help with a document delivery to Luxembourg

  Forum Editor 18:56 09 Nov 2010

I have to get a document from London to Luxembourg. It's an extremely important document, and I need it to go from me to the recipient within 24 hours.

Does anybody know a fast, reliable courier service? Cost isn't the deciding factor, but speed and reliability is. Normally I use one of the big couriers (DHL/FEDEX etc.) for document delivery, but this is a special case.

  octal 19:17 09 Nov 2010

What about sending someone from your organisation? It wouldn't be the first time I've had to do that myself when a company I worked for needed to get a contract bid in by a certain time.

  octal 19:23 09 Nov 2010

Just to add, Eurostar is a good option, London to Brussels, then intercity to Luxembourg.
click here

The could be back the same day.

  Noldi 19:40 09 Nov 2010

As sugested above send a person. we use this system all the time its one of the Jollys that we can get if not busy. I know Eurotunnel do a same day return ticket for about £20 so get it driven there, Luxembourg is about 3.5 hours out of Calais.

Im not sure if you require it delivered 24hrs from now or 24hrs after a certain event.

If you can wait till 28th ill drop it off on my way back to Switzerland.


  Forum Editor 20:49 09 Nov 2010

Thank you for your kind offer, but I'm pleased to say I have resolved the problem. The document is going to Luxembourg on a motorbike. The document has to be in a Luxembourg office by 7:00pm tomorrow. The bike rider says that's no problem - he does the run regularly.

Sending someone from the office isn't an option - the bike is cheaper. I use Eurostar quite a lot, but I can't go myself on this occasion - too many other things to do.

  lotvic 21:25 09 Nov 2010

Aye, Forum to see to, foxes to chase, fungi to sort out, busy busy...

  Forum Editor 22:32 09 Nov 2010

That made me chuckle.

  lotvic 22:37 09 Nov 2010


  morddwyd 08:25 10 Nov 2010

Good fast run down to Luxembourg on a crisp autumn day.

I wish!

Good job my wife's not reading this thread. I'd be getting my own meals for a few days!

  Quickbeam 08:33 10 Nov 2010

"Good fast run down to Luxembourg on a crisp autumn day."
Not on a motorbike it ain't!

  interzone55 09:02 10 Nov 2010

When I worked at a PC manufacturer we used to have to return refunded Windows COA stickers to Thompson Litho in Germany. Whilst the stickers were essentially worthless to anyone else as they'd been cancelled, a full A4 envelope would we worth around £100k to us, so just the insurance on a courier delivery was almost £1,000.

This meant that once a quarter a "lucky" member of staff got the job of flying out of Leeds Bradford airport by cattle class, dashing across Germany by bus then back again same day. I had to do it once and it wasn't something I would want to do again in a hurry...

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