i need advice celebrating sober!

  [email protected] 11:17 29 Dec 2007

hello, i need help. i have been aged 39 for nine (very short) months. I have looked into many ways of staying 39 till i die, it seems however this will not fool anyone but myself.
im a recovering addict of many flavors, and have decided to accept i will have to become 40 and am trying to embrace this, so i sat down and reflected on all my achievements and success stories, after about 40 seconds i stopped this painful experiment, and decided to look to the future brightly and not fear it.
my 30th birthday had hundreds of people, lasted a week and nearly killed about 10 people (oh! happy days) (> )
a lot of these people have now moved on, the other half clinically insane or sadly dead.
i have however caught up with a few and we are looking for ways i can celebrate my birthday without booze or the like. the biggest problem i have is everyone i get on with and like is going to find a walk in the park or maybe a picnic at the zoo a complete nightmare and i dont want to feel anyone is at my birthday as a chore.
any ideas what i can do (sober) that other normal people will enjoy?
any suggestions, comical or otherwise as always gratefully received.

  Quiller. 11:20 29 Dec 2007

Paint balling is great fun, you can shoot your mates and not get locked up for it:)

  Quickbeam 11:23 29 Dec 2007

Clay pigeon shooting is even more fun... the pies are a bit bland though :)

  Pamy 11:30 29 Dec 2007

They tell me Go-Cart racing is quite exilerating and less energetic than Paint Balling

  Quickbeam 11:38 29 Dec 2007

See if this offers what you want click here there are loads of ideas if you Google birthday party.

  jakimo 11:53 29 Dec 2007

A psychiatrist is what you may be looking for,they apparently can always suggest something practical

  €dstowe 12:14 29 Dec 2007

If you are able to be in the presence of people drinking (some recoverers are, some aren't) then it might be fun to go to watch them getting intoxicated and gradually make total fools of themselves, talking absolute garbage thinking it's conversation on the level of great philosophy and consuming huge quantities of liquid that they almost instantly have to go and release. Why not pour it straight into the drain and cut out the middle man (the fool who is drinking it)? They then decide that food is required so off to inflict their stupidly and insulting behaviour on the local Indian restaurant where, out of bravado, they order some anus-searing hot curry which is to be seen shortly afterwards projected all over the pavement. Some time after that they might well be scraped up out of the gutter by a long suffering paramedic and carted of to hospital where they waste large quantities of the resources of the NHS in being sobered up in readiness to do the same thing the following night.

You can then congratulate yourself that you aren't in the same position.

(This was related to me by a friend who has had the experience.)

  [email protected] 12:31 29 Dec 2007

thanks for the ideas guys, jakimo have had 2 give up on me. quiller, may just try that. quickbeam another top one. pamy, i still have physio for a shoulder injury i received go carting 9 years ago, but thanks anyway.
€dstowe, i still love pubs have never had problems with them, when i meet friends it's usually in a pub (where else in this country?) i go to the bar have no problems with this, however im very selfish and would prefer something i really enjoyed.
some great food for thought thanks guys, off to work now so will be off line for the day.
thanks again.

  Earthsea 13:48 29 Dec 2007

I turn 40 next year and will celebrate it in the usual way, ie by not doing anything special. 40 is the number that comes after 39, and that's it.

  Bingalau 15:13 29 Dec 2007

adman 2. I'm looking forward to my 80th in a couple of years. Any ideas for celebrating that will also be welcome, Although I quite fancy the paint ball shooting thing. I imagine I will just settle for my slippers and a few rums. Wouldn't recommend that for you though, stick to your guns I am sure you can have fun without drinking alcohol at any age.

  Meshuga 15:35 29 Dec 2007

I will be 90 in March so what the hell are you worried about at 40?

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