I Love adverts me

  Kev.Ifty 20:24 02 Nov 2010

I love paying £30 a week to watch a program that is iterupted by 10 mins of adverts every 5 mins.

  Kev.Ifty 20:30 02 Nov 2010

Sorry meant £30 per month lol

  wee eddie 20:54 02 Nov 2010

Why bother.

Some people need to get out a bit

  Covergirl 21:17 02 Nov 2010

Less choice but at least it's free.

  Quiller. 21:20 02 Nov 2010

now I have moved over to freesat.

These bleeding programs get in the way of the adverts. :-)

  Forum Editor 23:43 02 Nov 2010

that you've been the architect of your own dissatisfaction.

If you can't stand the advertising, why pay the £30 a month?

Perhaps I've misunderstood - maybe you really do love adverts every five minutes.

  morddwyd 07:34 03 Nov 2010

Record everything.

That way you can not only wind on the adverts, but also politicians, trade union leaders, sport, American "experts" and the obligatory brat giving an opinion on anything from the NHS to Lady Chatterly!

  mobileman1953 07:56 03 Nov 2010

just think of the cost if tv companys did not take adverts like bbc

  john bunyan 08:16 03 Nov 2010

I agree - I have now discovered that on my Panasonic DVD recorder you can watch the programme whilst it is still recording - say about 30 mins delay - and fast forward the ads. I have another recorder, a Pioneer, with a jump facility that jumps ad chapters. I wish there were more accurate software to get rid if them!

  interzone55 08:52 03 Nov 2010

There used to be a recorder that actually paused recording during the adverts, but the TV companies in the US successfully lobbied to get the device withdrawn

  babybell 09:02 03 Nov 2010

All my favourite programs on Sky are recorded, even if I sit down to watch them live. Most programmes though I will watch 15/30 mins after it has started and then fast forward all the adverts.

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