I Just Knew I'd Win!

  oresome 17:40 24 Nov 2007

The other day a cold caller knocked on the door and said "Don't worry, I'm not selling anything".

He then asked my opinion of burglar alarms and false triggering and whether I attended neighbours alarms when they triggered etc.

He then asked if I'd heard of monitored alarm systems blah blah blah.

The upshot was that they had 20 such systems worth £800 to give away to participants of the survey. He stressed I was extremely unlikely to be contacted due to the large number of people taking part but thanked me for my time etc.

Well knock me down with a feather! A week later they contacted me to congratulate me on winning a £800 alarm system and the rep would come round the next day to discuss the installation requirements with me and what was the best time to call.

Now I may look like a cabbage, but I'm not that green and declined their "free offer".

The guy banged the phone down with the final words "we'll give it to one of your neighbours then"

I'm now waiting with interest to see if any of our neighbours have a free new alarm fitted.

  Earthsea 17:59 24 Nov 2007

is a dog.

  pj123 18:07 24 Nov 2007

Geese, apparently are better than dogs.

  jakimo 18:15 24 Nov 2007

Geese are somewhat difficult if not impossible to house train,thats why dogs are the most popular choice in domestic situations,but you must have known that!

  Forum Editor 18:15 24 Nov 2007

was the question "whether I attended neighbours alarms when they triggered etc."

You were right to refuse this generous offer.

  spuds 18:45 24 Nov 2007

Our two burglar alarms would have let the caller know we have more than adequate protection. They can be triggered off very easily :O)

  SB23 20:06 24 Nov 2007

I would never discuss my home security with someone at the door.

A few weeks ago I was watching an article on TV, and this can be used by would be burglars.
They politely discuss your present needs /requirements etc, and they then use that info to decide whether your house is a good risk for stealing from.

  WhiteTruckMan 20:19 24 Nov 2007

-Good point!


  laurie53 20:42 25 Nov 2007

I always refer such callers to the persons sitting in the office across the road, looking out of their window.

It's a police station!

  Bingalau 21:38 25 Nov 2007

I think it is possible to have a policeman come and check over your premises and give advice. Costs nothing as far as I know. So well worth doing.

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