I hope they made this idiot pay for the helicopter

  Sapins 12:41 28 Sep 2010

How could anyone blindly follow this road? click here

  birdface 13:17 28 Sep 2010

I used to drive a white van myself and used to take some shortcuts over the hills and dales.
I was on one very narrow road with just enough room for the van wondering what would happen if something is coming the other way.
Then I noticed a little sign up in front of me and I thought good I will be able to get of this road now.
And when I got to the sign I had to laugh.
Road Narrows it said.
Never been stuck halfway up a mountain mind you.

  SimpleSimon1 14:01 28 Sep 2010

You've obviously never driven in the more mountainous regions of Europe!

The Picos Mountains in Spain are another example of somewhere where there are isolated villages/hamlets high up in the mountains with no offical roads to access them but lots of tracks (of varying widths, quality and safety). Some of these tracks are shown on SatNavs (but not necessarily the various branching tracks off them) but only local knowledge will tell you which ones can be used by vehicles, and by what sort of vehicles.

Get it wrong and you can find yourself on a vehicle track that is getting more and more dodgy. Of course, by the time you realise this you probably won't be able to turn unless you can get to the top. Of course, if you're in the wrong type of vehicle....

It really makes you appreciate the UK Ordinance Survey and the comprehensive maps which they produce :-)

  Noldi 14:27 28 Sep 2010

Nothing is free in Switzerland so his insurance or he will get the bill; also if he has violated traffic then the Police will make sure they have their share.

But as SimpleSimon1 noted driving in the mountainous parts of Europe is a bit different to Peckham high street. Last week I did a tour up to the Ober Murg see with my son and the roads where not a lot better just gravel track but it was allowed to drive to the car park.


  Noldi 14:28 28 Sep 2010

Should read "violated traffic signs"

  hssutton 15:31 28 Sep 2010

I had a similar experience in the Troodos mountains.

Near the top of the mountain the road petered out as I exited a small village. As there was a total lack of signage I returned to the village and exited via another road, this was the major mistake as the road quickly turned into a cart track with a sheer drop to my left.

There was no room to make a turn, so it was a case of reversing. I asked my wife to get out of the car and guide me, but as she opened the passenger door she froze as the edge of the track was approx 12" away, so she refused to get out.

The 50 or so yards that I had to reverse was probably the most nerve wracking of my life.

  Quickbeam 16:40 28 Sep 2010

He should practice reversing, if I'd got it to there I could get it back.

  morddwyd 19:48 28 Sep 2010

I wonder what the cost of the Scone Archway will be?

Bet this guy has lost his NCB!

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