And I havn't been drinking...

  Seth Haniel 10:05 20 Mar 2009

click here

Pink Elephant caught on camera


  laurie53 20:53 20 Mar 2009

Isn't it at the wrong end to be feeding?

Nature doesn't know much about environmental health and tends to put the fast food outlets near the sewage outfall.!

  jack 20:57 20 Mar 2009

Thats OK Laurie
The Dining Room in Hefalumps is the same as in Primates and Humans- at the front. ;-}

  Forum Editor 23:04 20 Mar 2009

but it will certainly have to shelter from the sun, or die. An albino elephant will suffer badly in the African sun.

  Seth Haniel 06:20 21 Mar 2009


Because Noddy won't pay the ransom.

  laurie53 07:55 21 Mar 2009

Thank you.

Something new every day!

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