I haven't received my £6.5 million

  pj123 16:04 27 Nov 2007

This was posted to me on the 13th November by the World Health Organisation, Geneva.

"A certified check of (£6.5, million GB Pounds = $13,591,000 US Dollars) left
the World Health Organization Head Quarters since on 13th November for your
address, it is important we know if you have received these parcel, so as to
know when to invite you for the Winners Dinner night on the 13th December,
2007. If the parcel is not received yet then get back to us with details of
your correct address. The Organization acknowledge the fact that you are a very
responsible PERSONEL and believe you will utilize these funds for its main
purpose. Help the less privileged. We understand the gravity of your work and
how it takes most of your time; we hope you will create just little time to
handle this project. Please, contact the two email addresses above for more
details of the WHO award. Be advised to keep it cool and calm, all to yourself
tell no one about this, because, this award is not an open award (Public wise),
if you can not do this for the World Health Organization, better, send back the
parcel when received."

  john bunyan 16:06 27 Nov 2007

Did they give return address as "usual scam, Nigeria"?

  johndrew 16:11 27 Nov 2007

You don`t suppose it`s on the shelf with the disks sent by HMR&C do you??? Hang on, the disks were actually real!!!!!

  gardener 16:21 27 Nov 2007

Has anyone ever heard of someone who has fallen for these scams? They all seem so utterly unconvincing that I can't imagine anyone being duped by them. They seem to show a singular lack of imagination on behalf of the scammers.

  pj123 16:21 27 Nov 2007

Yes, the return address is actually the correct address for WHO.

World Health Organization
Avenue Appia 20
CH - 1211 Geneva 27

But my email came from: Dr. B. Sadasivan, Chairman. But according to Google, Dr. F. A. Aranibar is the current Chairman.

I understand that Dr. Margaret Chan is the WHO Director General.

The email also contains telephone numbers which are the right numbers as well.

  john bunyan 16:26 27 Nov 2007

I heard of a case where someone had fallen for a Nigerian scam and had already lost abt £20,000. He was then persuaded to go to meet the "head of the Bank" in Nigeria. Went to the Head office, handed over a lot more cash, only to find that the office in the bank had been hired by the scammer! He lost many 10's of '000s

  Sapins 16:33 27 Nov 2007

Sorry, they sent it to me but I read I have to keep quiet about it, I'll e-mail you a cheque for a fiver;-)

  Totally-braindead 16:38 27 Nov 2007

I can't see any sensible person falling for this one. I mean if you are not some sort of researcher doing work on a health related topic its obvious its not for you.

At least some of the other ones I have seen might be describing a person who might possibly be you.

Is it just plain stupidity when people reply with their details to something like this or is it greed? Or is it a mix of both?

Regardless, if you fall for something like this you'd better see your doctor and get a brain inserted as yours is obviously missing.

  techie4me 20:24 27 Nov 2007

could you lend me £10?

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