I have just had a Tinker

  rawprawn 18:07 24 Mar 2008

Against my better judgment, but in line with my addiction to Tinker. I have just downloaded and installed Vista SP1, it was not offered to me as an update, and I downloaded the big version.
I seem to have no problems at all, although I did take full Acronis backup before stepping into the unknown.
I know that one is not offered the auto update if there is a driver problem, but all seems well. Is there any way of checking?

  Forum Editor 18:10 24 Mar 2008

Just use your computer - the chances are very good indeed that you'll be just fine.

  anskyber 18:11 24 Mar 2008

I did the same as you, all is well here.

  spikeychris 18:20 24 Mar 2008

It makes a hell of a difference when sharing files on a network, the speed increase is massive.

  rawprawn 18:46 24 Mar 2008

Thanks for all those answers.

spikeychris, how nice to see you again. You are my guiding light!

  spikeychris 19:36 24 Mar 2008

Hello rawprawn, what’s tinker and why are you addicted to it?

  sunny staines 19:48 24 Mar 2008

i presume with you knowledge you have checked device manager,

  rawprawn 19:49 24 Mar 2008

Hi Chris, to "Tinker" is to play around with ones computer when it isn't really necessary. I don't know why I have become addicted except, that each time I make a balls of it I learn just a little bit more.
I have learned quite a bit over the years, but not enough to make me feel totally confident.
So I tinker!!
I look back to the days when you helped me out (and many others) many times in this forum. I hope that some times I may be able to help others.
I hope that you are well.

  interzone55 19:51 24 Mar 2008

MS haven't pushed this out to Windows Update yet, which is why you haven't been offered it yet.

I have heard of a few problems with certain nVidia cards, but if yours works then it appears your card isn't affected.

I'm waiting for a couple more weeks before I do the update...

  rawprawn 19:51 24 Mar 2008

Hi sunny, yes I have and it is showing no problems. AOK as the Americans say.

  rawprawn 19:55 24 Mar 2008

That is what I call "Captain Sensible" I wish I was! but then a lot of the excitement would disappear.
PS> I think that some have had the update offered in MS Update, and it is a question of drivers that may not be compatible.

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