As I Have Been

  crosstrainer 18:12 17 Aug 2009

..Quite correctly informed....The Previous thread made no sense at all.

Basically....I have ordered a load of new music kit including some guitars that I should have kept, but did not.

Is this just an old man's attempt at regaining his youth?

Or a serious attempt at......Errr?

FE Please delete the previous post if this one makes more semse.

  Forum Editor 18:32 17 Aug 2009

This thread makes marginally more sense.
You've had an exciting couple of days, so you can be forgiven. As I understand it you've splurged on some musical hardware so you can join your nephew's band on-stage when they come over from New Zealand - a trip that is explained in your other thread click here

Whether or not this is an old man's attempt to regain his youth is something only you can say. There's no reason on earth why you shouldn't enjoy playing guitars - lots of people (including me) do the same thing. Some of the world's greatest rock guitarists are quite definitely not spring chickens, so you're in good company, and a Fender Stratocaster has no idea how old you are.

Just stand there and do it. You'll love it, and so, no doubt, will the audience - your nephew and the lead guitars will see to that.

  crosstrainer 18:34 17 Aug 2009

The Click here in your post will not work, but point taken nonetheless.

I am looking forward to delivery AM but attempts to regain youth..Hmmm, I think not. Just replacement for things I should have retained.

Delete all other spurious threads that I have created.


  Forum Editor 18:40 17 Aug 2009

for me. Try it again.

You can't regain your youth, but you can - to a certain extent - relive it. I wish you much pleasure with your new instruments.

  JYPX 18:43 17 Aug 2009

There you go. I did guess correctly that you are talking about Guitar Acquisition Syndrome.Before you know it you will have half a dozen Fender and Gibson guitars that you don't need. The good news is that it's cheaper, and safer than a new Harley-Davidson. Experts in the subject of Oniomania are probably focusing on women shoppers who can't stop buying handbags, but they should be worrying about more serious examples such as, and you.

  crosstrainer 18:44 17 Aug 2009

Peter, That's a great deal of kit arriving tomorrow, but the guitars are old friends, and will be treated as such....Just hope they can put up with an old boy in the background playing my new Bass?

Next job is a suitable haircut....:))

Apologies to anyone I have offended..

  Legolas 19:44 17 Aug 2009

Why would you have offended anyone?. You are only as young as you have the nerve to be so go for it....and I think it is a hair extension you need not a haircut, see if you can find something here click here

  crosstrainer 20:10 17 Aug 2009

It's being considered, but it's such a mess at the moment, it's long enough for a pony tail..

Might be fun..And suit the Ethos of the band :))

  crosstrainer 20:44 17 Aug 2009

You did, but I'd never seen the abbreviation before!

Yes as the FE has stated it has been a roller coaster of excitement the last couple of day's.

Maybe I needed an excuse...The Doctor and the nurses may do and say what they wish.

I am going to be on stage one last time (albeit hiding behind the drummer) The Strat can wait until they carry me home after about an hour :))

  crosstrainer 07:09 18 Aug 2009

I had a search for "Oniomania" But definitions are vague to say the least...:))

Is this the classic "Old man regains youth" syndrome?

If so It will not work with me, because I am officially 15 years old!

But that birth certificate seems to have been mis-printed, because it indicates a far higher number of years on the clock:))

  JYPX 19:05 18 Aug 2009

I think Guitar Acquisition Syndrome is probably a better term. It is discussed a lot on other forums, usually as though it is something amusing. I am not sure about that. I have just spend the price of a decent car on a 40 year old Gibson guitar, and I have today been trawling through e-bay despite the fact that it is 25 years since I stepped onto a stage. I am hoping to get some help soon.
"Hello - my name is JYPX and I have GAS"

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