This I find irritating

  Chegs ®™ 12:23 29 Jul 2010

I have recently replaced my TV (CRT) with a plasma screen.Ever since the new TV arrived I have almost completely ceased watching american shows such as CSI as the picture is so dark I cannot see much,the same is true for films.It doesn't matter what channel(mainly channel 5)I watch,or what I do with the brightness/contrast as Sherlock on BBC was also very dark.I compared the picture viewed on the CRT with the plasma(same show)and both were very dark.I also have sound issues with ITV HD,I have to turn the volume way up as soon as I swap to this channel,only to have to hit mute at each advert break as the adverts almost blow my ears off.Is this picture problem the same for all,or have I bought a dud?

  lotvic 12:46 29 Jul 2010

Are you able to find a shop showroom displaying the same TV then you'll be able to compare the picture.
I think that's the only way you'll know for sure.

  Chegs ®™ 12:53 29 Jul 2010

I'm presently housebound so unable to visit a showroom,that's why I thought of asking here whether its the actual transmissions or possibly a fault with my TV.

  sunnystaines 13:01 29 Jul 2010


it might just need fine tuning to get a perfect picture perhaps some readers with a similar tv can post their settings. I thought plasmas were history now and LCD was the way to go or did you get a good deal on the telly.

what make is it, if panasonic their support are very helpful and quick to answer the phone too.

  Legolas 13:10 29 Jul 2010

The only experience I have of a dark picture was with my 32" lcd I couldn't understand why the picture was so dark and despite putting the brightness up full it remained almost too dark to watch. I knew it wasn't right and was about to phone support when I noticed a setting for power saving this was set to full and was the cause of the dark picture, when I turned it off hey presto a perfect picture, not sure if this could be the cause of your problem.

  OTT_B 13:31 29 Jul 2010

It's not unusual for TVs to have a backlight control on them (same as the power saving setting legolas has mentioned). Seems like it's a possible explanation.

  Al94 13:50 29 Jul 2010

Plasma screens do not have a backlight.

You will have a picture mode setting with various options including one you can personalise.

Try making changes there.

There is usually a dynamic mode which while probably the brightest is not a mode that you should use generally on a plasma screen.

Wnat make is the tv, I have a Panasonic plasma and picture on every channel is great.

  Chegs ®™ 14:53 29 Jul 2010

Its an LG 42" that I got a good deal on,though the supplier has been mentioned in consumerwatch quite a few times.I'll try a mess around with the picture settings again,but if it was the settings then surely it would be a problem on every program & not just on some?

  BT 16:42 29 Jul 2010

I don't have a plasma screen but my LCD TV picture is perfect on all channels and programmes including the ones you mention.

Did the retailer install the set or did you have to do it youself. I bought my set from a Euronics dealer and they installed it, connected up and adjusted all my external boxes,and left everything working perfectly, as well as taking away the old very heavy CRT tv for free.

Is there not a Default setting in the adjustments menus so that at least you can have a base to work from.

  Armchair 17:49 29 Jul 2010

First thing I'd do is note the exact model number of this LG tv, and have a quick look on Amazon and Argos to see if there are any reviews that mention the problems you're having.

  jack 17:55 29 Jul 2010

Perhaps for dramatic effect.
Other programs seem bright in contrast.
My Sony has a 'Cinema' setting - this darkens the screen.
What the intention is I know not - do not like it so do not use it.

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