I feel for these peoples family but!!!!

  lofty29 12:15 27 Oct 2009

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Why do these people go to places that are well documented as being highly dangerous, time and again we see in the media of people who take foolish risks. People going up into the wilds of wales or cumbria, without any correct gear in dodgy weather, or going out to sea in unsuitable craft, I think that many of them need their heads read.

  Quickbeam 12:24 27 Oct 2009

it does say they're from Tunbridge wells, that bastion of conservative middle England, where tea with the vicar is taken on the village green and the conversation is banality personified...

  oldbeefer2 12:53 27 Oct 2009

...so, I assume, they are quite disgusted?

  lofty29 17:14 27 Oct 2009

Obviously this couple have not bothered to listen to the news over the last couple of years about this area.

  Kevscar1 17:42 27 Oct 2009

It,s because we all think yeah but it,ll never happen to me.

  Forum Editor 17:50 27 Oct 2009

that are well documented as being highly dangerous"

Well first of all, the Seychelles, and the waters around them are not 'well documented as being highly dangerous'. I have been there a few times over the past three years, and was there for a short while this summer. I've not once heard anything about pirates or dangerous waters.

There have been recent stories about pirates moving further afield,and they have been sighted near to the Seychelles, but maybe this couple hadn't heard about them. There was a French navy destroyer anchored of the island I was on this year.

These people weren't reckless newcomers to ocean sailing, they're very experienced at it, and no doubt they weighed the risks before they set out.I hope they'll be OK.

  kidsis 19:40 27 Oct 2009

When I saw the report on the tv news early today they showed a picture (I think from a tracking device) which showed the last known position of the ship, and I felt it was far too near the Somali coast. Now, whether that position was before or after the (alleged?) pirate attack I don't know. Later someone was interviewed who knows a lot about these groups, and he did say that the pirates are usually around 14-18 years old, and leave the coast in a motor boat and stay at sea for days if necessary, until a boat hoves in to view. Then they attack. Surely private yachts can be ordered to stay out of the area?

  morddwyd 20:23 27 Oct 2009

It really is time the world did something about these pirates.

It's no good "sending a gunboat", or several, if all they are going to do is ponce around in international waters.

They should get in and put a bit of stick about.

Yes, I know all about the international rule of law, and the rights of Somalia as a sovereign nation, but as a sovereign nation they also have obligations, and at the moment they are not meeting them.

  Forum Editor 22:52 27 Oct 2009

It's all very well to say things like that, but it's not as easy as it sounds.

Firstly, you can't just enter another country's territorial waters and start blasting away at people. We can't break international laws whenever we feel like it, and we're not dealing with complete fools - the pirates have access to modern weaponry and lots of money (all stolen), and they seem to be able to come and go as they please. We wouldn't find it all that easy to locate them, never mind putting a bit of stick about.

International cooperating is the key; we can stop these people if we work together.

  Deekio 23:20 27 Oct 2009

Why are sea going vessels not carrying weapons to repel these thugs?
Probably for the same reason brit citizens are not
allowed to carry weapons in the UK.
"Give up your weapons and we will protect you!"
Yeah! So we did, but I don't see any destroyers steaming in to help us now the thugs are on the rampage. All it did was protect governments who
were afraid of it's people.
And governments should respect/or be afraid of it's
people. I await the deluge.

  DANZIG 00:34 28 Oct 2009

I find it a touch disturbing because previously these 'pirates' have targeted vessels that have some commercial value. Then they extort a ransom for it.

This is, from what I gather, a personal vessel.

Very scary!

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