I don't want a funeral

  pj123 18:39 20 Jul 2007

No songs, no speeches, no relatives, no friends. Just chuck me in the fire.

Is that possible?

  Stuartli 18:40 20 Jul 2007

If I had breathed my last, I wouldn't be particularly bothered....:-)

  chocolate cake 18:43 20 Jul 2007

No relatives, no friends? Who's going to 'chuck ya in - the vicar?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:46 20 Jul 2007

The funeral tends to b the place where the realisation kicks in that a loved one is actually gone.

the days after the death are usually lived in denial of the fact.

Therefore the fuberal actually serves a good purpose in allowing the grief to be released.

  Probabilitydrive 18:55 20 Jul 2007

pj123, I'm sure you are running a bare-bone system.:-)

Why not go for the environmental friendly tree funeral click here

...matching qualities of life with appropriateness of a death is fine thing to do. This being the case: The hard man Reg Kray should have been turned into a hard diamond...
click here Doomed diamond geezers the lot...

  Tropezon 19:11 20 Jul 2007

Well past my sell by date and having decided on a BBQ type joutney into the vast blue yonder, one question remains.
To help Save the Planet, does the coffin get polished and used again..... and again....
Seems such a waste when recycling is all in vogue!!

  Bingalau 19:13 20 Jul 2007

Tropezon. It is possible to get cardboard coffins nowadays I believe. Mind you I suppose that is a waste of cardboard too.

  cream. 19:24 20 Jul 2007

Surely the eco freindly way would be to be buried at sea. Or in your case because you want no friends or family. To be tossed off the liverpool to Klaipeda container ferry run. No box needed and you could be feeding our next batch of fish and chips.

just get your friends to slip the polish captain a tenner to erm drop you off.

if you are not located near a costal port you could try the local duck pond.

  Tropezon 19:33 20 Jul 2007

Burial at sea is good but well out in the Atlantic.
I trawled up a crew member about 25 years ago who went overboard from a coaster and had been in the sea for about 2 months.
Not a pretty sight!

  mrwoowoo 19:38 20 Jul 2007

"Is that possible"? It certainly is.You can either specify it in your will that you want a cremation with no service or just instruct you kinfolk of your wishes.
My mother and father inlaws have it in there wills that they are to be taken from their home and driven straight to the crematorium to be put on regulo 9 with no service.I believe they are to be taken via a favourite place first but thats all.
Makes sense to put it in your will to save arguments and conflict at the time.
you could always instruct the funeral service in advance,( bit late once your gone).

  cycoze 20:01 20 Jul 2007

This may help - Funeral options click here

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