I Don't Believe It......:-)))

  Stuartli 21:28 06 Oct 2007

Not one thread, not one comment so far on the news that we are not, as we have been so stage managed to believe, to have a General Election sometime in November.

The Prime Minister, it would seem, decided to continue his self-appointed role for as long as possible when it suddenly became clear that an Election success was not, after all, apparently there for the taking.

At a stroke, in my opinion, this control freak has lost a massive dose of credibility and undermined his claims to be strong and decisive.

I would never have voted for him before or after the current situation in any case, but I doubt whether he will again command similar levels of respect he had enjoyed up to now.

Many of us have noted - and commented in these forums - that he is always good for a quote if earning the credit, but mysteriously disappears if the going is testing or casts him in an unfavourable light.

There's no doubt the postal strike, for instance, which I support (and me supporting strike action is very rare) will cause a great deal of harm to businesses large and small.

But there hasn't been a peep out of Gordon, as far as I am aware, even though the Government is the major shareholder.

  thms 21:41 06 Oct 2007

Quite frankly I have more important things to think about than whither Mr Brown wants to call an election.

Like will it stay dry tomorrow as I have to cut the hedge. Or hopefully it will rain and I wont have to do it.

I hate cutting that bloody hedge.

  bretsky 22:02 06 Oct 2007

Aah I see as well as being a thief, he's also a chicken!!

  rdave13 22:20 06 Oct 2007

Nice post. Political decisions are never easy as many highly educated persons have found out. I know nothing about the political bickering that goes on backstage and don't envy Brown's job.
If we were so privileged with their political knowledge then I would comment. Remember he's inherited Blair's muddle..:{

  LinH 22:35 06 Oct 2007


I couldn't agree more, Brown is no better than Blair really.

However much Brown tries to distance himself from events of the past 10 years, it must be remembered that during that time he (Brown) was a cabinet minister and therefore an integral part of the decision making of the government of the time.

The present example of his (in)decision has proved that Brown, like the rest of his unpopular administration, is well past their sell by date. But politics is all about clinging on to power at all costs, hence the present situation.

Mind you, the state of the opposition is questionable and when election day finally arrives it will be a case of voting for the least unpopular - if you bother voting that is.

It's sad really that nowadays politics in general and politicians (of all parties) in particular are held in such low esteem by the general public, but in the final analysis they (the politicians) only have themselves to blame.


  LinH 22:37 06 Oct 2007


Name should be LinH not LiH.

Why do you always spot typo's after you have posted!


  rdave13 22:49 06 Oct 2007

Maybe because you're not a poltitctan..

  rdave13 22:51 06 Oct 2007

Another typo..lol

  Forum Editor 22:55 06 Oct 2007

or character assassinations. The election which was never on is off. No doubt we can all get excited about it at some date in the future.

  rdave13 23:01 06 Oct 2007

'Excited about it'. Hmmm.

  Stuartli 23:19 06 Oct 2007

>>Remember he's inherited Blair's muddle..:{ >>

But Brown was as much a part of that era - if not more so in view of their relationship - as any other New Labour politician.

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