I do not like the pop-ups here...

  Z1100 23:58 14 Nov 2006

and by here I mean on the forum. It is so annoying to have a pop-up block my vision when reading the text.

Yes, ok, don't move the mouse. Then it won't pop-up. Well grrrrr. I can still not like it.

I can put up with it, but I think I seen a 'wish list' here earlier, I think I might just wish for the pop-up ads to pop off.


(ok, now that is out the way it's full speed into Christmas)

  g0slp 00:14 15 Nov 2006

This has been debated/ranted about (take your pick...) in the past. These ads are necessary to fund the site; most forum members understand this.


  Z1100 00:19 15 Nov 2006

I it will come up more and more as 'newbies' like me gather round the forum and think 'what the heck is all this advertising!?' It's a bit heavy when there is 'inteligent text' not to mention scary... ;)


  p;3 01:12 15 Nov 2006

I understand about the funding etc but I will say this; one ad in particular is annoying me that scrolls down the page when I go to the top of the forum and I have to be especially careful not to click on it; it is becoming very intrusive and annoying

  ashdav 01:20 15 Nov 2006

which one ?
I find the "Battle of all time/Heroscape" thing below the text box stops the cursor appearing when it's on the screen.

  ashdav 01:21 15 Nov 2006

I've told the FE about this but got no resonse.

  p;3 01:29 15 Nov 2006

I think it is for a cannon printer but, as sods law would have it, it aintagonna do it when I wants it to!!

  p;3 01:29 15 Nov 2006

correction ; it IS that one; just done it for me::))

  ashdav 01:33 15 Nov 2006

Hmm. I think he's watching.
The advert's gone.

  ashdav 01:33 15 Nov 2006

No. Just came back.

  Kate B 13:44 15 Nov 2006

Use Firefox, and install the Adblock FiltersetG and noscript extensions and you will never see another pop-up again. Or indeed any other advert. What counts for websites is page impressions - websites can boast to their advertisers about how many page views they have per day, it doesn't actually matter if you don't see the advert.

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