I do not have a lot of time for IRAN but?

  lofty29 20:05 25 Sep 2009

IRAN seems an iffy country according to all we hear, and how accurate that is we cannot tell, but it does not seem right to me that those who already possess nuclear weapons should threaten warlike action against another country wether they are planning to build their own or not. Surely this is just plain bullying, much the same thing the USA pulled against the USSR over CUBA, when they had missiles close to the USSR and the Russians attempted to do the same to them.

  tein 20:11 25 Sep 2009

Lofty i think the issue with mr obama & Brown is that he could use them weapons to create a all out nuclear war where as other countries that have them have joined in a treaty...

  john bunyan 20:40 25 Sep 2009

Does the treaty include Israel? I agree it is worrying for Iran to aspire to have nuclear weapons but Israel have had them for years amd no one has stopped them.

  sunnystaines 21:37 25 Sep 2009

do you think israel will hit first? and set of a war dragging in usa & nato. I am sure that is why iran goads israel.

  spuds 21:53 25 Sep 2009

Didn't Iraq have weapons of mass destruction!!.

Perhaps another point to consider, is the fact that the UK offer training to military personal from Iran and perhaps other similar countries. Oil and other valuable commodities have get value and persuasion powers!.

  birdface 09:48 26 Sep 2009

I think the idea is that you can build nuclear power stations and anything that is for a peaceful purpose.
No new countries are allowed to build nuclear weapons and all countries that have them have to cut back on them and eventually remove them.
it sounds reasonable to me.
Tick Tick Tick.It is only a matter of time before someone lets one off.
The more that they can stop other countries from making nuclear weapons the longer it may take.
But eventually some idiot with no regard for human life will detonate one.

  morddwyd 11:05 26 Sep 2009

While Iran bears watching, if the speculation about India and Pakistan having nuclear weapons has any credibility then the world really is a dangerous place, for those two hate each other at least as much as Iran and Israel.

  jakimo 12:29 26 Sep 2009

It is more than speculation that India & Pakistan have nuclear weapons, its on record and both have been recognised as being nuclear powers for some years, India has a no-first use policy

Iran is the only country who have publicly committed themselves to wiping another country (Israel) off the map,and the only potential way they have of doing so is a nuclear one.

If Iran ignore the threat of further sanctions and continue their advancement to building nuclear weapons,I would not think Israel,being the ones under constant threat to wait and see how America and Allies would decide on what to do next..Judging by Israel's past history they would already have decides on what to do next...Which would probably be a bad day for all of us

  ened 12:43 26 Sep 2009

I think you are correct.

Israel do have a history of acting 'in their own interests' or rather in the interests of maintaining their security, and not really caring about world reaction.

I feel they are ready to strike at these installations just as soon as they determine the diplomatic approaches have failed - and fail they will!

Who can blame them?

It is to be hoped they only use conventional weapons in the first instance.

  Stuartli 16:01 26 Sep 2009

Other Middle Eastern countries are just as worried about Iran's possible potential to use nuclear weapons as the West.

  JanetO 17:40 26 Sep 2009

I think Shappi Khorsandi, the Iranian comedian sums it up nicely at about 2 minutes into her act click here

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