I dislike anything???

  rawprawn 19:12 21 Aug 2009

Not full bodied, for example
Decaf coffee
margarine instead of butter
"Lite" anything
spreadable butter
non alcoholic beer
I want full fat, full taste, and live life as it should be.
I eat plenty of fresh food, all cooked fresh, nothing (or hardly ever) processed,and plenty of exercises, but I can't stand food which has most if not all the goodness taken out of it not to mention what has been added to make it as it is.

  rawprawn 19:13 21 Aug 2009

Throw another prawn on the barbie??

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:38 21 Aug 2009

click here

Five basic "tastes"

what you like and dislike changes over the years as the sensitivity of the different areas of the tongue change.

Mixing ingredients to stimulate the different areas is what know a "cooking" :0)

A first taste of something can be nice or nasty but you can train your taste buds to accept and even enjoy anything after a while.

Our other senses also come into play when eating if it looks "nice then it probably tastes nice" according to our brains hence "Art Nouveau Cooking" or should that be Cordon Bleu.

I've eat some pretty exotic things around the world but had to close my eyes to get some of them into my mouth :0)

  Bingalau 22:23 21 Aug 2009

Fruit Bat is right about tastes changing as you get older. I used to hate bacon and couldn't even stand the smell of curry. Now they are my favourite foods.

Rawprawn. I read somewhere that margarine is only a type of plastic. Meant to check it out on Snopes but never bothered. Anyway I only eat "Best Butter" as mum used to call it.

  Forum Editor 23:10 21 Aug 2009

and live life as it should be."

In which case, give up the coffee and the beer - we didn't evolve to ingest either of them. If you really want to live life as it should be in terms of your evolutionary background you would eat only seeds, fruits, roots, fish, and the occasional feast of meat - that would probably be raw meat by the way, not roasted with Rosemary and garlic.

  Quickbeam 00:31 22 Aug 2009

but not too much of it, everything we like is bad in excess, but OK in moderation...

  ened 06:42 22 Aug 2009

We probably read the same article and it said the difference between margarine and plastic is just one molecule!

rawprawn I used to agree entirely with your sentiments - in fact my favourite phrase in the shops when seeing something described as 'lite' or'half-fat' was that I wouldn't 'buy it out of principal'!

The problem is that after reaching a certain age and becoming more aware of ones mortality, you want to prolong your life as long as possible. This, I'm afraid I have found, means making concessions.

Quickbeam your advice is spot on so long as you do this from an early age. I feel I am now suffering from previous excesses and as such need to be extremely careful about what goes into my system.

  laurie53 06:57 22 Aug 2009

I agree with ened.

In the ideal cheese sandwich the bread, cheese (extra mature cheddar of course) and butter should be of equal thickness.

Unfortunately my cholesterol levels dictate otherwise.

Similarly with dripping toast, some nice pork crackling and full cream Jersey milk.

  rawprawn 07:47 22 Aug 2009

I agree absolutely with your comment.

  rawprawn 07:51 22 Aug 2009

Although I believe I have reached "That certain age" I am fortunate enough not to have to worry about my diet at all. So I will continue following quickbeam's advice.

  Forum Editor 08:09 22 Aug 2009

That's undoubtedly true. The problem is, even if you avoid excesses, and eat just 'fresh' unprocessed foods, you cannot avoid ingesting all kinds of chemical substances that, in an ideal world, just wouldn't be there.

Anything that grows - animal or vegetable - will contain substances that are not 'natural' in the true sense of the word. Our atmosphere is full of toxins, as is the rain that falls through it, and those toxins enter the food chain - which means they enter your body. Anyone who says "I am fortunate enough not to have to worry about my diet at all." is probably relying on a false premise - that fresh, cooked food is a guarantee of purity and goodness. It's certainly better than a diet of processed food, but it's far from being a guarantee of protection from harmful substances.

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