I didn't see it

  canarieslover 20:13 14 Jan 2009

Hit n Run at Heathrow.
click here

  birdface 20:58 14 Jan 2009

I wonder if it was the Flying squad that caught them or maybe a Plane clothes Officer.

  bremner 21:01 14 Jan 2009

DC Ten is the investigating officer.

  bluto1 22:18 14 Jan 2009


  laurie53 08:12 15 Jan 2009

Good Grief. If I'd been arrested every time I damaged an aeroplane in 40 years in the RAF, I'd have a file a foot thick, and so would most of my contemporaries!

  interzone55 08:49 15 Jan 2009

Ah, but did you ever crash into a fully loaded passenger plane then drive off?

I've not had a lot of experience of driving around airports, but aren't passenger planes usually big white things with wings. They're not normally difficult to spot when they're on the ground...

  jack 09:09 15 Jan 2009

If 'minor' damage goes unreported.
And how many fatal or near fatal incidents have been caused by incidental damage going unspotted/unreported.?
A little 'ding' that a car driver say would shrug off
could be catastrophic at altitude.,
Space debris/ bird strike attributes may not always be the correct conclusion therefore.

  laurie53 19:43 15 Jan 2009

"Ah, but did you ever crash into a fully loaded passenger plane then drive off?"

Not as I recall, but I did ground a whole squadron (eight aeroplanes) for a morning through the injudicious sue of an electricians' screwdriver, kept an aircraft on the ground for eighteen months through the injudicious use of a 4 BA spanner (4BA, a thread of about 4mm diameter), and wrote an aircraft off through the injudicious use of a general purpose (about a 3/8 blade) screwdriver.

I was not arrested, or even interrogated, for any of them.

Mind you, I wasn't promoted either!

  Colin 12:15 16 Jan 2009

I read an article about Heathrow airport a while ago and I recall that they have a no blame culture for airside accidents/incidents so that they are reported without the threat of discipline. However, maybe the culprits had done this too many times before?

  Kevscar1 13:05 16 Jan 2009

And that about sums this country up. No Blame Culture and virtually nobody willing to accept responsibility for anything

  Colin 16:44 16 Jan 2009

Kevscar - you've missed my point. The airport implemented this policy so that employees would not be afraid to report incidents. The implications of not reporting damage to an aircraft could be catastrophic. It doesn't mean that the culprit "gets away with it", but it so that the incident can be investigated properly.
I agree with this policy, but I don't agree that it should apply everywhere.

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